Monday 7 August 2017

Irony Is Funny Too, Right?

Poetry Monday comes around faster than any other day of the week, did you know that? It's true! Especially when the urge to write poetry is elusive, as it was this week for me. As it seems to be a lot of weeks for me, come to think of it.

This week's theme, as suggested by Diane of On the Alberta/Montana Border, is HUMOUR. Or if you're American, the theme is HUMOR.

A little humour/humor there.

Diane was responsible for starting Poetry Monday to begin with; then Delores of Mumblings joined in, and so did I. You can, too! If you post your poem on your blog, leave us a link to it in the comments. Or you can leave a poem right in the comments at Diane's, Delores' or my blog.

Humour as a theme, eh? Piece of cake, I thought.

As my mother is prone to say, "She had another think coming ..."

If you're not familiar with that phrase, here is the definition from the online Cambridge Dictionary:

     have another think coming

      to need to consider something again, because you are wrong
     Example: If you think I'm going to pay for everything, you've got another think coming.

In other words, this was not a piece of cake after all. It was not even a piece of bread. It was not a piece of anything, except maybe a piece of hand-wringing and weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I thought about it all week. I Googled "funny poems." I racked my brain.

Finally, with my posting deadline past (horrors!), I pinned my brain to the mat, put it in a chokehold, and forced it to write this:

Oh, The Irony Of Not Being Able To Write A Funny Poem About Humour/Humor

A little shot of humo(u)r
Is a lovely useful thing
It can make a bad day better
It can make a good day sing

Less fattening than chocolate
Less costly than a shrink
A little bit of funny
Can cure most things, I think

A cartoon or a silly rhyme
A limerick or a pun
A meme or gif or clever quote
So many kinds of fun

This poem doesn't have those.
Bothered? No, not me
Because my poem's filled with
Perfect irony


My brain is exhausted from that wrestling match. It's okay, brain. You can go have some warm milk and some light reading now.

How my brain feels today.

An update on our cat situation: I probably should have given more details on Friday about where our cat was going to live. But I was trying to keep it short and simple. Here's the story: Kitty has been delivered to our son, who lives about two hours away. We got one fellow (the cat) when the other fellow (our son) was still living at home, and they are good with and for each other. Son was ready for a cat; cat needed more time and attention than we could give. The transfer went much more smoothly than I ever expected, and according to our son's emailed reports, kitty is settling in okay so far. I'm so relieved. I was so worried that being in a strange environment would stress our furry guy beyond his capacity to adapt, but it appears I might be wrong. (Imagine that!)

Maybe all that worrying had something to do with my brain not cooperating in the humour/humor department.

That, and procrastinating until I hit full-blown panic mode. That, too.

I hope you all have plenty of humour/humor in your lives this week, even if you have to wrestle your brain to the ground to create it!


Elephant's Child said...

Love your piece of irony - and am so glad that the kitty is settling.
A lot of my sense of humour is on the dark side, but it has kept me from drowing often. A black lifebelt.

jenny_o said...

We are not strangers to dark humour, either. I'm glad you find ways to stay afloat, EC. Whatever helps is good.

River said...

Glad kitty is settling in. Poetry and me do not get along, there's just no way I could write any. The most could do is "borrow" the shortest poem in the world.
Adam had'em.

baili said...

Oh my this was sooo coooooool really .
you are very smart to make yourself write as wonderful!
absolutely LOVED IT!!!

I am glad for you cat and more for your son as he got the company and taking good care of her otherwise she could have not possibly settled down as easily

Anonymous said...

Hallo Jenny, Like EC I too have MS and had a couple of bad days last week, hence not getting back to you with the kindness poem. I couldn't concentrate on it.
Our pets are much more resilient than we think they are and at least he/she has gone to someone you know and can keep in touch with. Only a 'phone call away.
Loved your poem, I can relate to that.
My contribution this week is yet another one I wrote for my grand-daughter and I'll tell you the story at the end.

Superman Investigates

Superman was flying the sky,
Up high where the air was thin,
But with his super-powered hearing,
He could hear a tremendous din.

What is happening so far below
On Earth, to cause such noise?
It sounds like angry dinosaurs,
Playing with their toys.

Superman flew down to Earth,
Like an arrow shot from the sky.
Urgently and with no time to lose,
He could hear a peculiar cry.

Landing in a strange place,
F ------, it said on the sign.
He took his time to look around,
And everything seemed just fine.

With x-ray vision he scanned the walls
Of houses, shops and schools.
Nothing seemed out of place,
No breaking of the rules.

But wait! The noise is getting louder
When he looks at house number two.
It sounds like all the animals,
Are crying out from the zoo.

Superman checked all was right,
Then went on his way to the stars.
It was Amber, her mummy and grand-dad,
Practising on their guitars.


The story behind this is that my husband started to learn the guitar when he retired, my daughter who'd had guitar lessons when she was younger said she was going to take it up again and my little grand-daughter said she was going to learn too.
Have a good week.

Joan (Devon)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny. Found you via Going Gently blog. Loved the poem. There is a lot to be said for "having your back to the wall!" MaggieB

only slightly confused said...

That is a great poem....humour does make your day better every time....even when you really have to dig to find it lol. Oh, and don't worry about the cat. Cat's are opportunists. Years ago we adoped an eleven year old cat who had only had one home before.....he went to bed with us that night and was our best friend for the rest of his life. Kitty will be just fine.

Red said...

A humorous poem about humor . Clever!

jenny_o said...

I do love "Fleas" - the poem, not the real thing :) I'm glad to have joined the poetry challenge because it really has been a challenge!

jenny_o said...

Yes, the move has been good for our son, too. And I know the cat is in good hands. Thanks for your kind comments, baili.

jenny_o said...

Wonderful poem, Joan! Thanks for joining in. It probably would be really loud if all three were practicing at the same time :)

I hope this is a better week for you; MS is a hard master.

jenny_o said...

Thank you, MaggieB - and you're right! There was no way to go but forward, no dilly-dallying :)

jenny_o said...

I'm glad to hear about your experience with an older, one-home cat. And I hope you're right about ours, too.

jenny_o said...

I didn't think it was very funny, Red! Hence the irony :)

e said...

Love your poem and the one about the guitars! Have a good evening.

dinthebeast said...

Let's see, humo(u)r, poetry, and irony?

Brains are strange enough already,
But they get weirder with holes.
(At least mine did)

-Doug in Oakland

jenny_o said...

Thanks, e! You too.

jenny_o said...

Heh :)Thanks for joining in, Doug!

Janie Junebug said...

I louve your humourous poem (I'm really into the "U" thing). Glad to hear that the kitty and the son are happy together. I wish my kids had taken their pets with them when they left home, but the animals couldn't live in a college dorm, although dorms are a good place for human animals.


jenny_o said...

And I louved your poust about the British rouyals and the extra "u" in everything :)

Dorms are full of animals, yes!

Martha said...

Humour about humour! Hehehe... Something so silly about that.

Good news about kitty! Makes me grin from ear to ear. And I bet you feel so much better, too.

John M said...

Enjoyed your poem.

jenny_o said...

I do indeed. We still have to make sure he's eating properly (he's finicky and it's hard to tell so far) but all other indications are good!

jenny_o said...

Thanks for reading, John :)

Steve Reed said...

I'm glad the cat transfer has gone well! What a huge relief! I didn't realize the cat was going to a family member -- that's good for you, since you'll be able to continue to visit!

I've often heard debates about whether "think" or "thing" is the appropriate word to use in that expression: "another think/thing coming." I usually choose the latter, but who knows? Maybe it's a regional difference?

jenny_o said...

Yes, the cat situation could be much worse :)

Considering that the implied, if not stated, first phrase in that expression would be "if you think that ...(whatever)..." it makes more sense to me that the second half would also contain "think". But as you say, it may be regional.

Janie Junebug said...

I never lived in a dorm. I don't think I could have handled it. During my son's first year in college, he and a friend lived in one room of a "suite" in a dorm, which meant two bedrooms with a bathroom between them. The two guys in the other room would go out to get drunk, come back and vomit--sometimes on the bathroom floor. Definitely animals.

jenny_o said...

Erg ...

Diane Henders said...

I'm so glad everything seems to be working out for your feline friend (and son). And I liked your funny poem, too - your brain does better under pressure than mine! :-)

jenny_o said...

Believe it or not, that took two hours to write!! So ... not sure that qualifies as performing under pressure :)