Saturday 17 October 2020

Health Update 3, and Other Things

Hello, people.

I wanted to let you know we're still okay, here in the house of the Procrastinating Donkey.

Although there has been a lot of trial and error with my husband's medication in the time since I last posted, his pain and other symptoms are now better managed, and he is also taking a steroid that increases his energy and appetite.

He has completed his first chemo cycle with no significant side effects, which is good, and has begun the second cycle. We are also concentrating on feeding him as many calories as he can take in. He has lost so much weight, and we want to turn that around if possible.

We won't know until mid-December if the chemo is working or not. Until then we are grateful for every day that he is feeling more comfortable. 

Thank you all again for your positive thoughts, good wishes, kind comments and very appreciated emails. I have thought of you all many times but haven't had much time to read or write. The days just seem to slip away like water through my fingers.


The "other things" in today's post title are some of the websites and blogs where I find respite from the heaviness of life. You might enjoy them too. Some of them will deliver their goodness to you on a regular basis if you sign up for email notifications.

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So tiny :)

  Take care, friends, and I hope to return soon.