Monday, 7 February 2022

Okay, *THIS* is the Last Word on Dogs on Trampolines. Probably.

I'm sure you've all just been holding your breath for this, the absolutely final post (probably) about the dogs I first featured here. 

As it turns out, those dogs weren't even ON TRAMPOLINES.

They were being dropped, by their owners (traitors!!) from a few feet above a padded surface.

After linking to this article explaining the process, I was still undecided about whether this was fair to the dogs or not, and came down tentatively on the side of "okay", based on the author's description of what they did and how they did it.

But I failed to notice the video that was at the bottom of the article.

So much for exhaustive research. Hah.

After a commenter pointed out the video and I watched it, I changed my mind.

Maybe some of those dogs enjoyed it. I didn't see enjoyment in the video. I saw dogs surprised by being dropped. By their owners!! Who they - hopefully - had trusted before that point in time.

Maybe the owners felt it was okay. I don't understand how they could, any more than I understand why some owners keep their dogs tied up all day, or out in the cold or heat.

Maybe I don't know enough about dogs, but we had one when I was growing up and I would not have dropped her from any height.

The video about dogs on trampolines I posted here, on the other hand, genuinely seemed to show dogs enjoying their time on the bouncy thing.

But the dogs in the meme photos in my original post were not on trampolines. 

False advertising.

Fake news.

Fake information.

I apologize to all the dogs for the stupidity of humans, including me.


In other news, my mother did indeed stay over at my house for another two nights. It was mostly so-so, with a dash of clash thrown in. But, as always when we clash, I learned a new lesson. Or maybe it's more precise to say I had an old lesson reinforced, and extended to more situations.

The lesson was that if Mom says something I find outrageous, and I then get outraged, I need to just shut my pie hole. Because arguing won't change her mind. Because she can't help that she doesn't know it's outrageous. Because she is already feeling like she is losing control of her life, and doesn't need to have her speech policed too.

It's not easy, but some lessons are like that.


Funnies!There's no theme here. I'm just housecleaning my memes. When I find a meme, I stick it in a folder. When it gets too big, I create another folder. And so on. I'm losing track of which memes I've posted, so I decided the only way to eliminate a folder is to use them up, in the order in which they appear in the folder, which is alphabetical. Thus, no theme. But I feel very righteous getting the housecleaning done.












Wishing you a good week.



Sandi said...

The hamster muffin had me laughing LOUD. Ha ha!

Thanks for the info on the dogs.

messymimi said...

Sir Knight had best keep the first aid kit nearby anyway.

Thanks for the laughs.

Joanne Noragon said...

Memes are far and away more fun than dogs on trampolines.

Marie Smith said...

I agree with the cat about salad!

Realizing what will help in a situation with an elderly parent is huge!

jenny_o said...

Sandi: Me too! I'm glad you liked it :)

Mimi: Said by one who knows!

Joanne: I agree :)

Marie: I feel the same about salad. Especially in winter!

River said...

Love the "Probably" in your title. Where can I get a suit of armor built for someone five feet tall and five feet round?
I agree with the cat about the salad. I know they're good for me, but I just can't face one every single day.

Elephant's Child said...

I LIKE salad. And have them for dinner several times a week.
And yes, a suit of armour would be insufficient to pill Jazz some days.
Love the funnies and yes, dogs on trampolines (so long as they are happy) is fine. Dropping dogs is not.
Sigh at the learning/relearning where you mama is concerned. And hooray for surviving another stay over. Pat yourself lovingly on the back.

Diane Henders said...

Thank you for all your research and deep thought! It's too bad the dog photos didn't turn out to be "good clean fun", but I enjoyed your videos of dogs enjoying trampolines on their own.

And I'm glad you made it through another blizzard with your mother. The learning never ends, does it? Nothing like becoming an expert in yet another subject you never wanted to know about.

And especially, thank you for the funnies! Some of those made me laugh out loud. :-)

dinthebeast said...

Briana and I both cracked up at the cows freezing over, maybe because we both raised cattle when we were young? Zsuzs' cat is sick and is requiring several pills daily, so Briana took the armor meme up to Zsuzs and seemed to lighten her mood a little.
Your dog would never let you down, so don't drop your dog.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Andrew said...

Armoured to give a cat a pill is good.

I've never had a reaction when I've used, That really gets up my goat. Someone will need to know the phrases are Get on my goat, or gets up my nose.

e said...

Chuckling and sending hugs!

Joan (Devon) said...

I must admit I was a bit uneasy about the dogs on trampolines. After all how does a dog know how to start bouncing? If they were on a trampoline they must have been dropped to start them off.

Your relationship with your Mother sounds a bit like mine with my Mother. I always looked forward to seeing her when we visited each other, but after a day or so we got on each other's nerves. Saying that I would love to have those times back. I'll never forget reading an article in a magazine once in how you should react to an elderly person when they did or said things that annoy you eg repeating the same story over and over and the answer to that was to act like it was the first time you'd heard it, just to make them feel good. The article said that you must have patience and understanding of who they have become. It's difficult and a lot of tongue biting, but in order to keep your sanity and peace between the two of you it's worth trying. Good luck with that.

Take care Jenny.

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Those malaphors made me laugh out loud. Thans for a new, funny word!
And I'm happy to hear that you bothe survived, and that Mother is now back home. Crossing my fingers for no more blizzards.

Steve Reed said...

So I think we've ended up on the same page re. the flying dogs. LOL!

I LOVE THOSE DOG NOSES at the top of your memes! So brilliant. And I love the "malaphors" and the girl wanting to pet the muffin -- I laughed out loud!

37paddington said...

A dash of clash! Such a perfect description of how it so often is with mothers and daughters! You did good.

jenny_o said...

River: I need armour that exact size too! It sounds like we are a similar shape :)

Elephant's Child: I wish I liked salad more. One issue I have is chewing it - I have TMJ and my jaw gets sore. I also tend to bite the inside of my lip on one side when I eat anything I have to chew a lot. Both of those things make it unpleasant to eat it. I've started having homemade vegetable soup instead (in the winter). What do you have in your salads?

Diane: Yeah, I was disappointed to find that the dog memes were not what they were held out to be. And feel guilty for not investigating before I posted them. I'm glad you enjoyed today's memes though :)

Doug: Your last line was bang on. I feel for Zsuzs with an ill cat - it's such a worry. It always makes me feel like there's a rock in my stomach when a pet is ill. I hope the medication gets things back to normal. Keep me updated?

Andrew: I've never heard either of those aphorisms, so I'd be the person your malaphor would blow past without effect!

e: Chuckles are good! I feel good when other people enjoy these :)

Joan: Just to clarify, the pictures of dogs on trampolines were not in fact pictures of dogs on trampolines; they were pictures of dogs that were in the middle of a drop from their owners' arms to a padded surface. Those are the ones I'm objecting to. The video of dogs actually on trampolines seemed okay. I don't think my writing on this was overly clear :) lol. And I think the advice you read is so right. It's very difficult because I hear the same stories every day, often multiple times in one short visit, and I see my mother seven days a week. When she stays over at my house, the number is of course even higher. Being an introvert, I find continual conversation tiring to start with, but having this extra twist to the conversation makes it unbearable at times. Still, the alternative is worse, because it makes the whole situation worse. Thank you for your good wishes. They are a comfort.

Charlotte: Glad to amuse you! I like learning new words but unless I use them often I tend to forget them. I'm going to try to remember this one, though.

Steve: Yes, we did :) I paid special attention to dog-owners' comments because I figured they'd have more experience. It bothers me that the author of the book tried to paint the whole project as harmless. The dogs being dropped did not look delighted to me. I'm glad you liked the dog noses in the first photo as much as I did!

37p: I don't feel like I did good. Mediocre, maybe :) But thank you for the encouragement!

Elephant's Child said...

My salads depend on the season and what produce looks good. Tomatoes, onion, capsicum, I often include grapes, black garlic, edamame beans, chick peas, whatever green leaf looks good (rocket and young spinach are favourites...

jenny_o said...

Elephant's Child: Those sound good! Now I remember using fruit in salads years ago - mandarin orange (canned) with sliced almonds and red onion, and a light citrus-y dressing. Maybe if I try small-sized salads and have them just once in a while, I might avoid my chewing issues. Thanks for the reminder to have variety :)

Bonnie said...

I love the dogs' noses! Also the "Avoid it like the plague"! I never would have thought that we would see the days we've seen with "not" avoiding the plague!

jenny_o said...

Bonnie: I'm happy you enjoyed the dogs' noses; so did I! And the plague tweet is spot on, isn't it? We're having a big problem in our federal capital city with a bunch of protesters who personify this thought. It's troubling.

Mr. Shife said...

I guess I missed the your dogs on trampolines controversy.
Based on what you wrote, I would never do that to Ms. Frizzle.
It would break my heart if I abused the trust I have with her.
Thanks for the laughs with your meme dump. I really enjoyed the knight and cat pill one the most.
Take care, jenny_o.

jenny_o said...

Mr. Shife: You missed a HUGE controversy! lol Not really. You put it nicely - abusing trust. No animal, human or not, deserves that. Glad you enjoyed the memes and hope you and the family are all recovered now.

baili said...

i enjoyed the explaining post about how pets were mistreated by the owners .i have witnessed few more painful views than this and i with i can erase them from my memory .
you have kind heart and i adore you for that .

reading about lesson learned from your mom's forgetfulness makes me think about my future which worries me but again these are things beyond our control sigh

many thanks for bringing smile into my day each time i visit you ,i really enjoyed all ,one "both seats are occupied " reminded me old days when we travelled in economy class (train) and most of the faces had same expressions :) i mean passengers who would occupy seats that were empty for some reason.
hugs and blessings!

Mike said...

Yes, the "avoid like the plague" is now meaningless.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Malaphores are for me! Those memes!
* snort *!