Thursday, 3 February 2022

Dogs on Trampolines - Yes or No? ... plus other things

One thing that I've learned to do since my husband died is to handle most of my pain, grief, and anxiety on my own. Not having my husband to talk to every day was really hard for a long time. We always talked about everything - the good, the bad, and everything in between. The big irony in the first months of grief was that it was my husband who I most wanted to talk to, and that was obviously impossible. I had to learn to live with my emotions without the tool of easy sharing. It wasn't easy, but I think I am stronger now because of that. I realize that sooner or later we all must deal with something - or some things - alone. It is nice to have someone to share the burdens, but it is also a good skill to know how to shoulder the burden essentially alone.

This is not to say I never talked to anyone. I did. Certain people were especially helpful and willing to listen. And I always knew I could write about it here if I needed to ... and I did. For your willingness to read and support me when I needed it, thank you. 

I said in my last post that I worry that I am complaining. Many people pointed out that sharing is not the same as complaining. I get that, when it's other people. Somehow it's harder to understand when it's me doing the sharing. But I am trying to remember the difference and not let my worry keep me from writing about the things I have to get out of my head.


Several commenters on the last post wondered if dogs really like trampolines. I understand the concern. When I post animal funnies I do try to assess whether the animals are being forced to do things they don't like. Even though I can't change what people have done to their pets in the name of making memes, I can refuse to circulate them. It's a realization that I didn't start out with but have come to understand. (Evolution: even in one puny lifetime we have the ability to do it.)

Of course, all animals are as different as we humans are, and have their likes and dislikes. I have seen cats who placidly endure being dressed in baby clothing or covered with a blanket like a person in bed. And I've known cats who would bite you if you even walked too close.

But it does appear that some dogs, at least, really do use trampolines and seem to enjoy it.

You can see that the dogs in the video below can easily get off the trampoline if they wish. They do not appear to want to do so.


There are videos on YouTube showing other animals on trampolines as well. I didn't include them because some of the footage was clearly a clever fake (an elephant soaring over a hundred feet in the air, anyone?), but some of it was quite interesting, including young foxes using a trampoline at night. If you're able to read blogs, you're probably adept at using Google to find these if you're interested.


The weather forecast calls for rain, then freezing rain, then ice pellets, then snow, in the storm starting tonight. If I seem to disappear for a while, it will be a combination of needing to entertain my mother plus possibly the power being out! Normal service will resume as soon as possible.



Elephant's Child said...

The other animals have as many character quirks as we have.
Dressing Jazz up? I would have to have a healthy supply of bandages and probably antibiotics before I could even consider that one. The late lamented Medlyn would have been totally relaxed about it.
Good luck with the weather and with your mama. I hope (fervently) that it doesn't come to pass in the way you are planning for...

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

It sure seems those dogs are having a good time :) Thanks for the research. I hope you go through the storm unscathed.

Mike said...

The storm is just now winding down here. We have a layer of ice with snow on top of it. I hope the salt I put on the driveway cuts through the ice and loosens it.

Marie Smith said...

Good luck with this latest onslaught! The dogs look like they are fine!

Unknown said...

That's a nice happy clip. The dogs are clearly enjoying themselves.

dinthebeast said...

I just figure you have your reasons for writing what you write and I respect those reasons and hope the best for your situation.
Those dogs appear to be having a great time.
Good luck with the storm. We haven't had any rain or snow since December, and the four feet of snow has turned to a foot of ice, which I find difficult to navigate with my disability, although Zsuzs gave me some spikes that fit on my shoes for Christmas that have made walking much less stressful, although my cane still slides out from underneath me in a more terrifying than dangerous way.
But, no, getting back up on that ice if I were to fall down is something I don't want to even think too hard about.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

John M said...

Wow! I didn't know dogs liked the trampoline so much.
Hope all goes well for you.

River said...

Those dogs were so cute to watch. I can't even hold my Lola, much less dress her up in anything. She does like to sleep in my bed under the covers, but that is the only time she is close to me. Even on the TV chair, she stays down by my feet.
Hope the storm isn't too bad.

Diane Henders said...

I wondered a bit about the dogs - in the meme photos they look as though they're falling from a great height. But I've seen dogs jump head-high to a human while catching Frisbees (without a trampoline in sight), so I guess anything is possible!

Here's hoping your storm is short-lived and anti-climactic. :-)

messymimi said...

It doesn't surprise me that dogs love trampolines.

Praying the storm proves to be a big non-event.

Red said...

Some people tell me with a straight face that "I talk to him everyday." Yes, they do talk as they think about things and what the spouse would have said.

baili said...

i totally agree that animals have different habits and many of them does not like to be even touched let the clothing alone .

i really enjoyed the video dear Jenny it was intriguing to see them try jumping and playing over the trampoline .

what hurts me most when i see an animal being treated with cruelty ,i witnessed once as little girl in my village a bunch of boys was chasing a lame turtle it was terrible sight how few children were throwing rocks over him ,it made me cry for days.

in this post of today i noticed a pleasant change in your writing ,a positive change ,an acceptance of the situation and a way to deal with things more insightfully ,it made me serene my friend . it is really hard to loose loved one but this is biggest fact that we can't change the reality .

thinking of you wiht heart filled with prays and best wishes,hugs and blessings!

jenny_o said...

Elephant's Child: You've had first-hand experience with both kinds of cats!

Charlotte: I think these dogs, given a choice, do seem to enjoy the bouncing.

Mike: That sounds like our situation here. I had to chop up the snow to be able to shovel it off the ice, then put ice melt on it. It's still a work in progress. Hope yours is in good shape now.

Marie: I'd guess your lane and streets look just like ours :)

Andrew: I think they are. They're freely playing on the trampolines.

Doug: Getting up off the ice is a big problem. Breaking something because of a fall is a whole other big problem. I don't like to contemplate either one, for either you or me.

John: They do seem to enjoy it because they could easily stop if they want to.

River: Lola sounds so much like my Lucy. She likes her distance.

Diane: It turns out you were right that the dogs were falling, and not by their own choice as they would be if they were on a trampoline. I changed my mind, as you'll see in my post today.

Mimi: I think they do enjoy the bouncing!

Red: Yes, some folks find comfort from that. The closest I've gotten to that is trying to think how my husband would approach a problem. Sometimes it helps.

baili: Cruelty to animals is a horrible thing to witness. It doesn't surprise me that you cried over that for days. I would have, too. Thank you for your continued support, my friend.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

They are having a great time. Don't I wish my old bones would allow the same?! 😉