Monday 6 July 2020

Poetry Monday: Light

It's Poetry Monday, and this week's topic is ..... LIGHT.

Join Diane, MotherOwl, Mimi, contributors in the comments, and me, as we shine some bright beams onto this topic. You can leave your poem in the comments or post on your own blog; if you do the latter, please leave a comment so we can find you and your poem.

Use the topic, or choose another. Suggest a topic for future use, if you like. Submit a poem by someone else if you prefer, maybe a poem you especially like (and credit the author). The objective is to have fun with poetry, or at least a feeling of accomplishment, and exercise our brains.


I've been working extra hours daily for the last few months, and it's cutting into my leisure time in the worst way. I'm not getting around to all the blogs I like as much as I would like, and often can't think of anything interesting to say in the comments. I think about blogging nearly every day, and just can't find the time and energy to do it.

And I'm hard-pressed to get my poems written for Poetry Monday.

So, no big preamble today.

I heard that sigh of relief, oh yes I did :)


A Pillow Over My Head Will Fix That

It's summer, and
The dawn's first light
Has all the birds
Full of excite

Because they can't
Have breakfast 'til
The sun comes up
And o'er the hill

The winter makes
Them wait and wait
The sun sleeps in
'Til nearly eight

But summer gives
An early start
Five-thirty sees
Their eyelids part

I understand
Their need to eat
Alas, their glee
Disturbs my sleep


Wishing you all a good week, larks and owls alike :)

Next week's topic will be ..... FAVOURITE TEACHERS.

Thanks, Diane :)


dinthebeast said...

The light that warms my shoulders
On the walk up to the old mill pond
Makes it nearly impossible to see the screen
While I take pictures of the family of ducks

-Doug in Sugar Pine

River said...

Great little poem :)
Summer here in Aus has the birds twittering around 4.30am and one year I discovered that there is always an early bird who sends signals and waits for an answer from other nests, a wake-up call sentry.

Elephant's Child said...

Smiling, despite the fact that I invariably beat the birds up - summer or winter.
Look after yourself please. A over tired donkey risks being a sick donkey - and you matter to us.

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

The Owls' morning verses! I loved it :D

SpikesBestMate said...

I can really relate to your poem, Jenny - I have a blackbird that sits just outside my bedroom window and starts singing at about 3.45 am! Love the kitty picture.
I've been unable to come up with a rhyming poem; none of my attempts seemed quite right, so I have tried my hand at blank verse instead.

Reflections on light at different times of the year

Blue and pink tints glistening on crisp, frosted snow.
‘Welcome Home’ lamplight on porch and in window.
Starlight: Magical starscapes on black velvet skies.
Bold shafts of light and half-light penetrating dark clouds. Silver linings.
The soft pinks and yellow of first light.
The satin blush of a perfect rose petal.
The glint and sparkle of sunlight on waves.
Shimmering puddles - fantasy chasing reality as hot sunlight hits tarmac.
Mellow, yellow, late afternoon light casting long shadows.
Bonfire sparks and flames -reds, oranges, yellows play games on excited faces.
Murky days. Misty, hazy shape-shifting, all shade and shadow.
Christmas lights and candlelight. A snowman nightlight guarding a sleeping child.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

That is a very cute poem, Jenny. Working does cut into leisure life but it is also a way to keep busy and feel useful.

It is bright at 5:30 am and I enjoy seeing the sun come up early. I’m awake and have no place to go so I try to enjoy what I can. After that, I lay there for a few more hours and contemplate the day ahead. Lately, I am seeing no light at the end of the Covid/US government tunnel.

Red said...

Larks and owls a good term for this poem.

Martha said...

HAHA! That was a fun poem. I love the early morning, so the birds don't disturb me. I get up while it's still dark. Have a great week ahead!

jenny_o said...

I can see this so clearly, Doug - nicely put.
And that digital screen problem is one I haven't figured out yet how to overcome! Thank you for your poem today.

jenny_o said...

An alarm clock for the birds - what a concept! :)

jenny_o said...

Thank you, EC. I was definitely over tired last week. Think I'm back to functioning today. I remember from your posts that you are a really early riser. I wish I had gotten that gene. The world does not work on an owl's schedule.

jenny_o said...

Singing (hooting?) the owl song :)

jenny_o said...

So many kinds of light - and you have described them so well. You are a very observant watcher, SpikesBestMate. Thank you for a lovely poem today.

3:45 a.m. is far earlier than I've ever heard a bird!

jenny_o said...

You're right about work; I'm glad to have the extra hours right now.

I am cautiously optimistic about that dark tunnel. But the damage being inflicted will take time to put right after November. Hang in there, my friend.

I enjoy the dusk like you enjoy the dawn! It's my favourite part of the day :)

jenny_o said...

It's strange that we aren't all the same in this respect. In my opinion, anyway.

jenny_o said...

Have you ever thought that maybe you are disturbing the birds? LOL

You have a great week, too :)

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Hahahaha! The songbirds, I can handle. It's the murder of crows . . . That I'm going to . . . . murder . . .

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

I love this, SpikesBestMate. You've captured both the sights and the emotions. Brilliant!

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Perfect! That light that both warms...and aggravates.;)

Bonnie said...

Great poem! You are so talented that no matter the subject you can write an amazing poem about it! I am not a morning person but I kind of wish I was because then I might get more done each day. Love the kitty falling out of bed!

Joanne Noragon said...

That sunlight is so bright...

messymimi said...

The birds are early here no matter the season.

Love your poem, it certainly is close enough to be partly out of the bed.

Susan said...

We used to have roosters next door. Believe me, they crow long before dawn and continue to crow and crow. I am not a violent person but I have visualized their demise many, many times.

Steve Reed said...

You should have a 40-pound dog next to you, waking you with her thumping tail at 4:30 a.m.! Light triggers more than the birds!

jenny_o said...

Hah - yes, they're loud, aren't they? Our crows have stopped having their early morning confabs outside the bedroom window, for some reason. I'm not unhappy about that :)

jenny_o said...

You give me way too much credit, Bonnie - I consider my "poems" just ditties. I wish I could write moving, stirring, serious poetry!

I think I'd get more done if I was a morning person, too. There are quite a few things I can no longer do when it's dark - sewing, for instance.

jenny_o said...

Is it? I never see it for the first few hours. lol

jenny_o said...

Ha ha!

I wonder why the birds are so early there all the time?

jenny_o said...

Rooster stew?? I've never had the pleasure of waking up to a rooster. Thankfully, it seems :)

jenny_o said...

Yes, it could always be worse!

Although, a 17 pound cat chewing your hair is no picnic either :D

Marie Smith said...

The sun arises and what do you know?
The crows have started a racket, so...
I close the window and return to bed
And silently wish those crows were dead.

jenny_o said...

Whoa! Marie! I never took you for the murderous type! lol

They are terribly loud, aren't they?

Thanks for joining in again :)

Mr. Shife said...

I hope you get a break from the extra hours at work so you can have that leisure time. Take care and don't forget to be leisurely. =)

Janie Junebug said...

That's a darling poem. Favourite teachers coming up . . . I don't know if I can think of something for that. My all-time favourite teacher was an English professor, Dr. C. I don't think I would have gotten to be a reporter without his tutelage.


jenny_o said...

Extra work is a mixed bag, isn't it? I enjoy the larger paycheque but miss my time off :) At least I do get paid more; I'm a casual worker so I get paid by the hour. When I was a salaried worker, extra hours didn't have that perk.

You take care, too.

jenny_o said...

Some teachers/professors are really outstanding, aren't they? They can change our lives. I'd like to hear more about Dr. C, whether it's a poem or a post.

baili said...

Oh this is lovely even cute dear Jenny :)))

morning light used to be fascinating for me until i was in my village ,seeing first rays spreading over hills and bird chirping breaking magical silence was spiritual experience
light is inspiration for all good in life for me :)
but i felt for you my precious friend that after doing so much when you want to sleep ,light brings life to still nature and you feel disturbed
hope you can sort it out by closing your windows of your bedroom .it will lessen noise atleast
best wishes for all you do in days ahead and more blessings to you and family amen!
oh i absolutely loved the poem ,even you did it by putting less effort than others still it has power to speak well for you and that cat made me think of you, oh dear :)))

Diane Henders said...

Your poem made me chuckle! Violet-Green Swallows have taken up residence under our deck, and they start work between 4:30 and 5:00 AM - diving, swooping and cheeping with excitement right outside our window.

Fortunately their cheeps aren't too disturbing - much less disruptive than the Chipping Sparrows that used to shriek outside our bedroom window every morning when we lived in Calgary. Plus, our swallows eat mosquitoes. No matter how noisy they are, they're welcome here.

Don't work too hard! :-)

Cherie said...

Crows wake up at crack of Dawn, then sit and caw upon my lawn
The ruddy Blackbirds tweet and flutter and then I really start to mutter
Shut up, be quiet, just go away or come back in the light of day
It's dark outside just barely morning, daybreak's barely started dawning
I need to sleep my brains all dizzy. you've got me in a proper tizzy.
But wait, that sunrise is quite stunning. I'm out of bed my bath is running
An early start is not that bad in fact I'm really rather glad
I'm glad I didn't stay in bed, I'll go and take a walk instead.

Mr. Shife said...

It certainly is, jenny_o. Enjoy your weekend.

kylie said...

hahaha what a lovely light feeling poem! I wish you the best with your noisy birdies!

I sleep through pretty much anything so the birds never bother me

37paddington said...

It's hard to blog when the world is on fire. I so get that. I too have been heading to bed while its still light out. Ah, this world.

jenny_o said...

Thank you so much, baili - your comments always warm my heart, my friend. You shouldn't feel sorry for me because I stay up later than I should. Otherwise, I would probably really enjoy the morning light and the birds waking up!!

jenny_o said...

Hah! good point about the mosquito-eating swallows! I don't really mind the birds; I sleep much more soundly the older I get :)

jenny_o said...

Great poem, Cherie! You make it look so easy, but I can't do it like you do :)

jenny_o said...

I have to come clean and admit I sleep through most everything, too, birds included :) Poetic license, ha ha

jenny_o said...

We are living through history, and it kind of sucks, doesn't it?

Cherie said...

Thanks Jenny. x