Monday 14 October 2019

Poetry Monday: My Bucket List

It's Poetry Monday, and this week's topic is . . . . . our BUCKET LIST.

Join Diane, MotherOwl, Mimi and me as we pour out our thoughts on this topic in poetic form. You can leave your poem in the comments or post on your own blog; if you do the latter, please leave a comment so we can find you. Use the topic, or choose another; the idea is to have fun and work our thinkers; we don't get all tied in knots about rules in this poetry challenge :)


I have, on occasion, contemplated what I would have on my Bucket List.

But as yet, I haven't found much of interest to put on that list, so this week's topic presents a bit of a challenge.

My hope for the time between now and my demise is just to live as long as I can, as healthily as I can, and then swan out of life with as little pain and inconvenience as possible.

Of course, I know that isn't likely to happen. I remember reading years ago that only 2% of the population dies peacefully in their sleep. Can one put "die peacefully and painlessly in my sleep" on a Bucket List?? I don't think that's the way it works.

Am I lacking in ambition, imagination, or motivation? Or all three? I don't know.

All I know for sure is that I've had a cold all week, so this poem is rather clunky because my brain isn't working at peak or even half capacity. My apologies in advance.


I Guess There Is Something I'd Like To Do . . .

Folks nowadays often have a Bucket List
Of things they don't want to have died and missed
They do not wish to fade into the dark
Before they've ticked off everything
                    (or at least a majority of things) with a great big check mark . . .

Me? My Bucket List is non-existent
Travel is out, for at home I'm content
I don't have the desire to improve myself
So I won't be taking college classes
                    or running marathons or creating an empty shelf * . . .

There is no unfinished business in my life
No words unsaid, no unmended inter-personal strife
(I say what I need to when the chance is had
And my yardstick for behavior is to ask myself:
                    if I do this thing (or don't), will I later feel bad **) . . .

Granted, my needs and wants are few
I'm happy with home and hearth, it's true
That makes it easier to be happy with what I've got
And it doesn't hurt that I'm fortunate enough
                    to have gotten, relatively speaking, quite an awful lot . . .

Clean water, food, clothing and a roof
I'm luckier than many - a sad truth
Books and a bit of nature in my back yard
Are icing on the cake for a life that's been
                    very easy compared to so many lives that are hard . . .

If you have a Bucket List please do not fear
That I, having none, am judging you, my dear
We are all different and that is a beautiful thing
I invite you to divulge your list through writing
                    or interpretative dance or maybe you could sing . . .

And - OH! - I just came up with an item for my list
I need to point it out in case my shocking lack you missed
Before I die I want to rhyme a verse just as I ought
Instead of having every fourth line rhymed
                    by way of a long and meandering thought . . .

* Having an empty shelf somewhere in your home is one recommendation of some declutter gurus. It's supposed to provide a feeling of spaciousness or some other benefit that I can't quite remember now because it didn't make much sense to me when I read it. Actually, decluttering is one way I really could improve myself, if the truth be told. There are a dozen others, and in Real Life I'm acutely aware of them, but in Poetry Land I take liberties.

** This part is true, in case I've just made you question my honesty.

Kitty considers his bucket list. Number one: No water in the bucket please. Number two: Getting out of the bucket.         (Photo: Pixabay)


So how about you? What's on your Bucket List?

Wishing you a bucketful of good things in your life this week :)

Next week's Poetry Monday topic will be ........... SOAP.  Good luck!


River said...

I don't have a bucket list either, unless you count winning the lottery, which is really more of a wish list. I also would like to die peacefully in my sleep at a very old age, say 100 or thereabouts.

Elephant's Child said...

No bucket list here either. Though I would like (all things being equal) to see polar bears. Which is challenging because I don't travel at all well.
I like your gratitude filled poem. Rather a lot.
And could also do with some serious decluttering. Of our home and of my head.
I hope you are feeling better by the day.

dinthebeast said...

I don't really have a bucket list either. There are a few bands that I would like to see play live, but having already attended a couple hundred rock concerts, I don't feel like I'm missing the experience or anything, and for the most part am content with YouTube and a good pair of earphones.
Now if I can get my time walking to the tennis court and back down under twenty minutes, that will be nice, but if not, honestly I'm thrilled with consistently 22 or 23...
Perhaps I should have put "Find a way to be content with what I have" on there long ago, because that feels like a major accomplishment now.

-Doug in Oakland

LL Cool Joe said...

Love your poem. I'd like to get the whole house decorated before I die, or we move, but without any effort or inconvenience. :D

nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

Are you ever ambitious! I'm lazy on Monday mornings -- hung over from the weekend. (I wish)
Not much in my bucket.

Good conversation is a must
The top of my bucket list
Small talk is for wee small minds
And it should be dismissed

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Hehe, It seems we had aproximately the same troubles writing bucket lists, but I'm afraid SHOES will be harder still. I feel with Kitty. No water, please :)

Anonymous said...

Needs work, but you know that and with a cold, you are excused. Quite good though and I can't wait for Shoes. I don't have a bucket list of any kind.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

My Bucket List

In an old bucket I found a list
Which was quickly scrunched up in my fist
Only unscrewing it when I reached home
To read through the items on my own
Twas a list of buckets, that was clear
Buckets that came from far and near
Plastic buckets and some made from steel
Wooden buckets with traditional appeal
Red and yellow and pink and green
Most of the types that I’ve ever seen
Then I smoothed out the list and put it away
To be carefully studied again some day.
It's on my list of things to do
Number six hundred and twenty two.

37paddington said...

Well, I love that poem and its sentiment. True peace is being content with what is, so the great gurus say. Acceptance I believe they call it. I can learn from you my friend.

The Happy Whisk said...

I don't have a bucket list but I enjoyed your poem.
I had no idea what an empty shelf meant.
Thank you for explaining.
Delcuttering. Ah ... I did it in 2019.
Got rid of 95 percent of my crap.
Best. Thing. Ever.
But I have no empty shelf.
However, I did removed upper cupboards, closets and shelves that I no longer needed.
Happy Monday and boogie boogie.

Martha said...

Only 2% of the population dies peacefully in their sleep? That's not very encouraging! YIKES...

I don't think a bucket list is really necessary. I don't really have one myself, although I would love to travel more before I leave this world behind.

Red said...

Well, I don't really have a bucket list . But I would like to live my life with much more daily freedom to do things that pop into my have a nap!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You are a person who is satisfied with your life and that is a beautiful thing.

No bucket list for me either. I have done what I have wanted, had fun adventures, and missed some dreams that don’t seem important now, but I have had a wonderful family and many dear friends that have made my good days better and my dark days bearable. What more could I want!

Pets have helped along the way also.

jenny_o said...

Hmm - it occurs to me that winning the lottery or dying peacefully in one's sleep have roughly the same chance of happening :)

jenny_o said...

Thanks, EC - and if you're going to see the polar bears, you'd best hurry . . . they're not doing well.

jenny_o said...

I think it's good to have goals, and maybe that's all a bucket list is. It's good that you are doing so well with the walking, and it's also good that you're still striving.

jenny_o said...

LOL - good luck with that! I think those are impossible conditions :) :)

jenny_o said...

Short and sweet and to the point! I have found that many folks only want small talk so I've had to learn how to do that :)

jenny_o said...

I have shoes on the brain because I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to find a new comfortable pair of them, MotherOwl - I hope you can get inspired :)

I enjoyed your poem - I'd like to see a kangaroo, too!

jenny_o said...

That rather surprises me, Andrew, with the amount of travelling you do. I would have thought "seeing the world" would be one line on your list!

jenny_o said...

Now that's a LIST! I wonder if 622 is the most recent number or if it's in the middle somewhere . . .

jenny_o said...

I'm not sure I'm accepting as much as lucky - I have what I want. Does that make sense?

jenny_o said...

Extreme Decluttering! You are an amazing example, Ivy!

jenny_o said...

It's so good to see you back in blogland, Martha :)

I'm guessing a list just helps people to focus on what they want. Not everybody needs that focus.

jenny_o said...

Decadent! lol Seriously, a nap when we most want one is a wonderful thing.

jenny_o said...

In my opinion, you have summed up a good life, Arleen.

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Thank you ... but you know what I just found out? We have done Shoes already :) May 6th 2019.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

This post just makes me feel warm and content. And isn’t contentment the whole idea behind a bucket list?! Well done!

jenny_o said...

OH NO!!! I wondered - briefly - if we had done shoes before . . . should have checked! Thanks, MotherOwl. How about "soap"? I'll post a note about the change.

jenny_o said...

You're right, Diane - contentment IS the idea behind a bucket list! And that's why everyone's list is a little different from everyone else's, right? :)

Marie Smith said...

Great poem. Nothing on my list currently. Staying active is important to me. Enjoying every day, even the mundane is important too.

Joanne Noragon said...

My bucket list is world peace, and I think that's out of my hands, or bucket, as the case may be.

Visualize Whirled Peas

jenny_o said...

Enjoying every day - yes, I agree!

jenny_o said...

You can probably have whirled peas but I expect not the world peace . . .

baili said...

dear Jenny if it is in my hand i want to publish this poem of your's in text books so children can read and feel how easy can be life if one learn to stay content what he has ,specially blessings like family , health and basic needs that we take granted
hats off to you my wonderful friend ,you just made my day with your genuine precious beautiful poetry :)

in our whole life we earn like mad after worldly stuff ,hurt others and do so much immoral just to think that IT CAN MAKE US HAPPY OR CONTENT but when we have it all we know IT WAS NOT THE END which means THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG IN OUR ATTEMPTS OR STRUGGLE WAS IN TOTALLY WRONG DIRECTION

so lucky who can realize how to find happiness within :)
sending you best wishes and hugs!

messymimi said...

Excellent poem, i enjoyed how you constructed it, with the longer lines. It's Wednesday and i'm still trying to catch up on blogs...

Steve Reed said...

Wow, that was quite a poetic undertaking! I'm impressed! I do have a bucket list, but it keeps changing.

jenny_o said...

I am so glad this poem spoke to you, baili, and thank you for your kind comments. I feel very lucky that my wants are few. I don't deserve credit for working to accept a simple life; I'm lucky that a simple life is what appeals to me.

Best wishes and hugs to you also!

jenny_o said...

I figure if it's good enough for Ogden Nash, it's good enough for me - ha ha

jenny_o said...

That was a diplomatic comment, Steve, lol!

Your bucket list keeps changing because you keep DOING stuff! And that's a positive thing :)

Diane Henders said...

I like your take on the Bucket List! (And kitteh's take on the Bucket List made my laugh.)

I've never been much of a Bucket List person - if there's something I really want to do, I figure out a way to do it; and beyond that I seize whatever interesting opportunities come my way.

I guess there's really only one thing on my Bucket List: Not to die of my own stupidity. We all gotta go sooner or later; but I'd rather not go thinking, "I can't believe I just did that to myself!" (Quickly, peacefully, and painlessly would be nice, too!)

Susan said...

Self improvement is not on my bucket list, its on the other list along with housework, laundry, give the dogs a bath etc. I don't really have a bucket list I just say I do when I'm planning something hugely self indulgent. Sorry about your cold.

jenny_o said...

That's actually a pretty important item for a Bucket List, I think! Maybe I can use that to start one for myself :)

jenny_o said...

lol, Susan! and thank you