Monday 7 October 2019

Poetry Monday: Paper

It's Poetry Monday, and this week's topic is ......... PAPER.

Join Diane, MotherOwl, Mimi and me as we make our mark on this topic (har! har!). You can leave a poem in the comments or post on your own blog; if you do the latter, please leave a comment so we can find you. Use the topic or choose another -- the object is to have fun and stretch our imaginations.


I think my poem this week is pretty much self-explanatory.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't be explaining so much anyway. A poem should stand alone, I think to myself.

Then I remember all those English classes in school when we had to read poetry and I had no idea what was going on. Sometimes I would have appreciated a few notes to go with the poem to tell me just what the heck the author meant.

At other times, it was clear without any help.


Empty Or Full -- It's All Good

Two kinds of paper delight me
Two kinds that I wholly adore
Blank sheets all ready for writing
And printed ones from a bookstore

The empty page begs for a story
A poem or thought from my mind
And the pages of books made by others
Are a treat and a treasure sublime


See? Pretty transparent, eh?


On writing ...

On reading ...


What's your favourite paper thing?

Wishing you a week full of good stuff!

Next week's topic will be updated here when Diane has published her poem . . . . . . . .


Elephant's Child said...

That small white kitteh is so very right. A good book can also provide comfort and education. And all of those things can sometimes be squeezed into the same book.
I like blank paper - but find it intimidating. A friend has made me origami bookmarks which are a brilliant use of this precious resource.
Books on the other hand are an addiction and a delight.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly transparent, unlike paper. That is so funny about having the page numbers done.

dinthebeast said...

I've always had a fondness for paper; drawing paper, lined paper, graph paper, tracing paper, that old "onion-skin" paper that you could erase your typewritten mistakes from...
Man, that was a long time ago, but I clearly remember liking it a whole lot. My mom, who was a legal secretary, bought me a box of pads of it to go with the Brother typewriter I used for my homework starting when I was in junior high school.
And that special graph paper that has the light green grid lines that don't photocopy so copies of your work look extra neat, straight, and organized.
And big rolls of blank newsprint that you can cover the kitchen table with at parties and leave drawing supplies on so that you have a hilarious piece of artwork when the party is over.
And of course, paperwork. Where would the world be without paperwork?
So that's sort of more than two kinds, like in your poem, although the two you mention kind of cover all of them.

-Doug in Oakland

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Transparent? maybe.
Well written? Yes sir!

baili said...

hey dear Jenny

i always love most what spontaneously come to mind and i can feel you said it so beautifully :)

empty or full both kind of paper invite me either and believe me if things were in my hands there were only two jobs "travel " and "read and write"

empty paper are always so COMPELLING and provoking :)

thank you for sharing your memories about days when poetry stood as riddle to you

i loved poetry since i got in to my consciousness
i remember how frequently i would visit to principal office when our urdu teacher was not able to satisfy my curiosity about understanding the poem's actual meaning
i was lucky that head miss asked me to visit and ask her if anything i can't comprehend from class work :)

and it happened same when after six grad we started English readings
i always love your posts!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have used journals during my most difficult times. Putting my words on paper can relieve stress and calm my soul. I write to express my inside pain and leave it there never to be read and never to be shared.

Steve Reed said...

Cute poem! I like paper in general -- paper books, notebooks, you name it. :)

Red said...

I like your poem. Not only is the meaning clear but the thoughts are very meaningful.

crafty cat corner said...

I have always loved stationary, I have books to write in that I cannot bear to ruin by writing in them, am I dotty? lol

jenny_o said...

I like your added qualities of a good book - so true. Origami bookmarks - that sounds interesting. A blog post, perhaps?

I think this poem is preaching to the choir, as they say! Bloggers - at least in the circle in which I travel - seem to be lovers of paper and books.

jenny_o said...

Kitty did the easy part first :D

jenny_o said...

Excellent coverage of the topic, Doug! I remember that onion-skin paper, too - I think I'm remembering the same thing as you are. Kind of a parchment look to it? It was so nice to be able to erase mistakes easily. I haven't seen that around in years, decades even. I'd love to have a whole box now!

jenny_o said...

Thank you for those kind words, MotherOwl! It's not very long; I feel like I rather cheated.

jenny_o said...

That is a lovely memory of yours, baili - you were a dedicated student. How nice of your head miss to understand that you needed to be able to discuss the things you didn't understand on your own! Thank you for your kind words; you are such an encouragement to me.

jenny_o said...

It's strange but true, isn't it, that just writing down our thoughts, for our eyes only, can relieve that pressure and stress so much. I'm glad you found that outlet too.

jenny_o said...

Yeah, my idea of a wonderful gift is a stack of paper, empty or full, doesn't matter :D Even the smell of the paper section of a store, or of new books in a bookstore, is wonderful!

jenny_o said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Red - I bet your students appreciated that back in your teaching days, too!

jenny_o said...

Not in the least, not to me anyway - I have those, too! There are the ones I write in, and then there are the ones I keep "just to have" :)

nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

What a great poem!

I am a great paper saver. Tons of old envelopes to doodle on.
Her is my paper entry. Didn't waste much paper writing it.

Joan (Devon) said...

I remember your post on this very subject Jenny in not wanting to write anything in the notebooks you have, lol.

I've just written two verses and I'm waiting for inspiration for a third. I like to do things in odd numbers, another lol.

Marie Smith said...

A paper unlike any other
Is essential to you and to me.
I’d rather use it than grass
To wipe off my ***
In the outhouse so cold for a pee.

Maybe this should be sensored.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Your poem is perfect! And I always love the memes you come up with. My Bucket List is the next topic. The reasons why will be clear next week! ;)

jenny_o said...

Good memory, Joan - ha ha!

Whenever you're ready, go ahead and post :)

It's said that the asymmetry of odd numbers is more pleasing than pairs of things or even numbers, and I find it so too. So there you go :)

jenny_o said...

Hah - I've just been over to read it - hilarious!

jenny_o said...

Well now, you self-censored, so that's okay - lol

I was thinking about writing about TP but it wouldn't have been half as good as yours, Marie :D

jenny_o said...

Hmmm . . . looking forward to finding out!!

My Bucket List is a great idea for a topic!

messymimi said...

Books are a blessing. Piles of paper i don't know what to do with, not so much.

Diane Henders said...

Your poem is so true - I love the way you think! And I like the first kitteh's attitude - when I haven't had time to write, at least I can say I've got the page numbers done!

jenny_o said...

Hah! So true!!

jenny_o said...

LOL! It's a new writing strategy for getting through writer's block!

Janie Junebug said...

I love your paper poem. Blank paper can be a chore because it needs to be filled or it can be an opportunity.


jenny_o said...

That's true - paperwork is no fun at all :)

Joan (Devon) said...

Hello Jenny, my contribution, such as it is, today.

Stacks of patterned
And reams of bright.
Packets of pastel
And boxes of white.

The patterned are so pretty,
I can't resist the urge,
To have it on hand,
For my card making splurge.

"It's taking over!",
I hear you cry,
But to me it's essential,
I just have to buy.

I'm surrounded where I sit with paper and stationery products and I can't really understand why I have so much as I don't make that many cards. Oh well, worse vices to have, I suppose, lol. How's your notebook collection? Still growing?

Have a good week and take care.

jenny_o said...

Oh, yes, there are MUCH worse vices, Joan! That's what I tell myself all the time :) Your poem describes some of the many things I'm drawn to about paper as well. Re notebooks - I put a hold on buying any more but it's okay, I still enjoy the ones I have just as much - ha ha

LL Cool Joe said...

I love the artwork that is created using paper, like this.

jenny_o said...

Oh. My.

Her work is brilliant! Thanks for that link, she's an amazing artist.

River said...

My favourite paper thing is books that are already written. Blank paper scares me when it's crying out to be written on and I can't think of a single word. Of course once I get started, it's not so bad. I like your poem.

jenny_o said...

I hear you on getting started. But I love paper for lists and boring stuff like that, and never have trouble writing those - ha ha

37paddington said...

A sweet poem. My daughter used to be part of a poetry group in middle school and their pink haired, doc martens shod teacher told them the rules of poetry were "never apologize, never explain." With that, she set them free to explore the first kind of paper you love.

jenny_o said...

Interesting! I hope they enjoyed their foray into poetry.

Mr. Shife said...

My favorite paper thing will always be newspapers because I got my start as a journalist and I like being able to hold them and read what you want. Today's newspapers don't pack the same punch as they used to but a big Sunday paper was one of my favorite things.

jenny_o said...

Ah, yes - newspapers! Another wonderful paper thing! I hope they make a comeback at some point (soon, even) because I think they are sorely needed in this digital age. You were a journalist? Good stuff!