Monday 15 April 2019

Poetry Monday: Awakening

It's Poetry Monday!

Join Delores, Mother Owl, and me as we tackle this week's topic . . . AWAKENING. Please feel free to leave your poem (or a link to your poem on your blog) in the comments.


Short poem this week. I'm still recuperating, and strangely enough I feel more tired now than I did when I was sicker. What's up with that? Drop in adrenaline? Delayed reaction? I have no idea.

I started three different posts for this topic, and finally figured out an "angle" that worked for me. There's something to be said for stubbornness - and living with cats :)


If You Guessed "The Cat" You Get A Gold Star

Somebody's chewing my hair
Somebody's licking my face
Somebody's purring too loud
Somebody's got me awake

Somebody's walking upon me
Somebody's got laser eyes
Somebody's bound and determined
To make her Somebody arise

Not my cat, but exact same expression ...


Next week's topic is . . . SPRING CLEANING . . . good luck!


Elephant's Child said...

I am all too familiar with that expression and those antics.

When my eyes spring open and the clock says three am,
I shut them.
At 3.30 I give up, and
Reluctantly start my day.
The cat is happy.

dinthebeast said...

Our cat pushes the door open, and if that doesn't work, claws at something to make noise, and if that doesn't work, jumps up on the bed and sort of attacks my feet.

Mostly she waits until she hears me get up to use the bathroom and winds around my feet in the dark.
And wants me to let her out, but not straight away or anything like that, no, there has to be some kibble-crunching first, to fortify her for her outdoor adventures...

I like your poem. It captures the insistent nature of cat behavior perfectly.

And I don't really ever sleep that long at a stretch any more, so my awakenings are many.

-Doug in Oakland

baili said...

Hope you are feeling better by the grace of God dear Jenny!

i can totally relate to your situation when you hit the deadline and mind is blank like a white paper due to sickness


made me laugh as you portrayed so amazingly the naughty cats and their revolution and protest to rise you up for their service

when my kids were little (less than 3 ) they were just like these furry friends who only knew about their demands and can't realize how you feel at the moment !

beautifully written poem :)

best wishes for your health ,and lots of love and hugs!

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Hehe, yes cats - and babies are like this. Well written!

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

... Spring cleaning Yuck! How to make that into a poem? I'll need an even longer bike ride now.

only slightly confused said...

You gotta love them. Feel better soon...after all...that Spring cleaning awaits.

kylie said...

Elephants Child calls them overlords and I think she nailed it!
A very creative take on the subject, Jenny :)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I can relate so well to your poem. Cats have a different time clocks than ours and demand that we adhere to theirs.

I am sorry that you have been so sick, Jenny, and hope you are on the mend and will be enjoying good health soon.

Marie Smith said...

Lol. Great poem. Brought a smile this wet miserable morning.

37paddington said...

Listen to your body now. If you're tired take it slow. The flu this season has a way of circling back after people think they're better. Maybe they pushed themselves too hard, too soon.

jenny_o said...

Your poem made me smile, EC ... even though I know it's not funny a lot of days. Maybe ever ...

Thank you for playing along today.

jenny_o said...

Be careful, Doug - a cat winding around feet is always dangerous, more so in the dark!

You are a good cat slave :)

jenny_o said...

Little children are very much like cats, aren't they? Our daughter says that having a cat taught her everything she needed to know about having kids! Thank you for you good wishes and hugs; sending the same back to you. I hope you are feeling better today.

jenny_o said...

Babies - yes! See my reply to baili, just above ...

jenny_o said...

Hahaha! Sorry :)

I'm impressed that you could remember your poem in order to write it down when you finished your ride. I can't keep more than a line or two in my head!

jenny_o said...

Indeed! :)

jenny_o said...

Overlords is a great description, isn't it? Thanks, kylie :)

jenny_o said...

It's also interesting to have more than one cat - as you know. It can add a new twist to being wakened up.

I'm glad to see you out and about on the internet, Arleen. I missed you.

jenny_o said...

It's wet here, too, Marie! I'm glad you got a smile.

jenny_o said...

I have heard that. Not looking forward to Round Two, so I'm being a good girl :)

messymimi said...

Yep, that's a cat, we have several who do the same thing. You captured the feline "get up now and feed me" vibe perfectly.

Thanks for co-hosting and picking the the topics.

Today i wrote a haiku, which almost feels like cheating, but it’s been hard to get up in the mornings so short it is!

e said...

Oh yeah...(sigh)

jono said...

Don't argue with your body. If it says "sleep!", just do it.
My cats sometimes wake me up doing what I call 'the bladder dash' which is not like balderdash at all.

Joanne Noragon said...

I am sorry you have not kicked the lurgy to the kerb. Perhaps you have, but keep your head down, nevertheless. As for cats, mine never knew a mother but me, who taught him early on to be more respectful.

jenny_o said...

Haikus are definitely NOT cheating! I saw yours and it says what many (all?) of us feel!

Thanks for taking part, Mimi.

jenny_o said...

They're experts, aren't they? :)

jenny_o said...

I wish I could sleep ... cough cough cough ...

LOL - I know exactly what you mean :)

jenny_o said...

I'd be interested in how you did that, Joanne!

Anonymous said...

Good one.

Janie Junebug said...

The late great Milhous the cat was madly in love with my daughter. He slept on her pillow curled around her head. Except he didn't sleep--he guarded her all night and slept during the day. She sometimes awoke during the night because he chewed on her hair.


This poem is called Kamikaze Kat. It doesn't have anything to do with your topic, but you wrote about a cat and I wrote about a cat.

Kamikaze Kat sets out on mission from heavens above
Celestial white feet cat walk barn rafters
Stealth bomber but ultralight
Black fuselage lean and taught
Catapults from ten thousand thousand angels
Critical speed achieved
Bogey sighted
Flying clean
Facile three-point landing
Black rudder all bottle brush spikes
Invulnerable wind barrel rolls into dog fight
Slaps face
Hisses cat calls at enemy
Cur flees divine supersonic backwash of claws yelping maydays
Victory sanctified
Strolls into sunlight
Soft black ball sleeps at peace
A godlike survivor who knows she was willing to make supreme sacrifice

Martha said...

Cats. What would we do without them? YouTube would go out of business :)

River said...

So appropriate. My Angel used to wake me by purring louder and louder until I couldn't stand it. Lola has a different method, she streaks around me on the bed as fast as she can until I get up to feed her breakfast.

jenny_o said...

Based on real life :)

jenny_o said...

This is so much fun to read, Janie - I love it! Thanks for sharing it.

Milhous the cat sounds a bit like a dog-cat, guarding your daughter like that.

jenny_o said...

I can't even imagine the emptiness! :)

jenny_o said...

They are all so different, just like people, right?

Janie Junebug said...

He was her guardian angel.

Diane Henders said...

Ha! I remember those days! But my cat wasn't as subtle as yours - he'd just sit on my head. 100% effective... ;-)

jenny_o said...

Ha ha! Yes, that would be very effective!