Monday 23 September 2019

Poetry Monday: My Favourite Drink

It's Poetry Monday, and this week's topic is ...... My FAVOURITE DRINK.

Join Diane, MotherOwl, Mimi and me while we pour out our feelings about liquid refreshments. Leave your poem in the comments or on your own blog; if you do the latter, please leave a comment so we know where to find you. Use the topic or choose something else. Get your brain cells firing and have fun!


Photo:  Pixabay

Like this hummingbird, I so enjoy a drink of fresh, cool water.

Due to old -- and now new -- GI issues, and accompanying food and drink restrictions, water is one of the few beverages I can drink without unpleasant side effects.

Caffeine of any kind, and most fruit and vegetable juices, alcohol, and carbonated beverages are on the Big Fat No list.

But there is one delicious liquid besides water that I have found I'm able to tolerate well.

Read on!


A Riddle

My favourite drink
Is fizzy and brown
Decaffeinated and
Cools me down
Made of stuff like
Sarsaparilla root
Licorice, anise
And birch bark to boot
What is this drink?
I think you might know
If you still need a clue
Read the funny below


That's right -- Root Beer is my favourite drink. The diet version of A&W Root Beer, please :)

What's YOUR favourite drink? Answers in the comments if you'd like!


Next week's topic will be updated here as soon as Diane passes that info along.

Update:  The topic for next week is .......... BEAUTY ....... Good luck!

Have a great week, my friends. Drink something good for me, will you please? :)


Elephant's Child said...

Water. I drink some tea (chai for preference) but digestive issues means that water is by far the safest beverage for me. And I really love it, though given my druthers I prefer rain water, which is a rare treat.

baili said...

dear Jenny how sad that you are also having same restrictions for food

it does not seem long ago when i could eat whatever i wanted to but not it seems my stomach is squeezing quickly and food i send to my belly is treated like intruder :(

i loved the riddle :) and just watched your favorite drink
how relief that we can have water as much as we want at least and one or two drinks but not often right :) ?

wishing you all the happiness and comfort in the world my friend!

dinthebeast said...

Oooh, I like A&W root beer.
We used to have an A&W drive in when I was a kid, and they brought your food out to your car on a tray that hung onto the open window of your car, and the glasses were kept in a freezer so the root beer mug had frost all over it...
My favorite drink used to be A&W cream soda, but they put caffeine in it, so these days I drink strawberry soda instead. It's my one remaining vice, and my doctor says it's OK as long as my blood sugar isn't problematic.
I hope it doesn't get that was because I really like strawberry soda but I will give it up if it means avoiding diabetes.

-Doug in Oakland

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Root beer, now that is a drink I never tried, nor heard of. Your well turned poem sent me down a rabbit's hole of information. Thank you.

LL Cool Joe said...

My younger daughter loved root beer when she traveled with us to the States. I didn't. Lol.

Champagne is my favourite drink. :D

River said...

my favourite drink is sparkling water, closely followed by plain spring water (tap water makes me sick), third favourite is a hot chocolate to warm me on a cold day while I wait for the bus.

Anonymous said...

Smiling. Is that like what we call ginger beer?

Marie Smith said...

I enjoy decaf coffee every morning. Great poem! Have a great week!

Red said...

Oh I never thought of my favorite drink. At one time it was beer...lots of beer but not anymore.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Oh, my word! I can't believe we're in the same 'beverage' boat! Good on ya!

37paddington said...

I think my favorite drink is water, followed closely by coffee with condensed milk stirred in, which I drink most mornings, slowly but with gusto. For some reason root beer never called to me.

The Happy Whisk said...

That was a fun poem to read. And with a funny bit at the end.

e said...

Nice! Water, herbal and decaf tea and decaf coffee. Have a good week.

Joanne Noragon said...

I like coffee, myself. Sorry you're cut off.

jenny_o said...

I can understand why it's rare, knowing how little rain you get there. We're lucky that our water doesn't taste chlorinated -- except in the fall when there are leaves falling into our town water source (a lake) and it has to be treated more than usual.

jenny_o said...

You, too, baili! Yes, it is certainly lucky that water agrees with our insides!

jenny_o said...

Yes! I remember that car service too -- and you can still get your frozen mug here if you're eating in as opposed to getting takeout.

They put caffeine in cream soda? Heresy!

jenny_o said...

I'm so surprised that root beer is not known in other countries! I didn't even consider that a possibility!

jenny_o said...

But you're classy -- not like us little people -- ha ha

jenny_o said...

Mmmmm, hot chocolate . . . I can't have chocolate in any form now. Enjoy one on my behalf, would you, River?!

jenny_o said...

I don't think so, Andrew. Ginger beer is made with ginger instead.

jenny_o said...

You too, Marie :)

jenny_o said...

With age comes wisdom, Red - lol

jenny_o said...

Yep :)

jenny_o said...

Coffee with condensed milk sounds heavenly. I used to use evaporated milk in my coffee plus artifical sweetener. I wonder if the end result would have been much the same.

jenny_o said...

Ivy! Hello!

Glad you enjoyed the fun bits :)

jenny_o said...

Thanks, e - you too.

jenny_o said...

I'm sorry too, but I've moved on :) The side effects are not nice!

messymimi said...

Water, about a gallon a day, and one cup of coffee. Once in so often, tea of some kind, especially an herbal tea. If they took that one cup of java away from me, i think i would curl up in a ball and whimper!

jenny_o said...

LOL! One cup is hardly any, Mimi! Surely you'll be allowed to keep having that :)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

So sorry to read about your GI issues. Mine don’t allow “fizzy”, so I can no longer enjoy an A&W root beer. I did love it and and sometimes have some in the small extra refrigerator for my grandchildren. I drink ice tea, all day, every day. I don’t like water.

You have made me think of root beer barrel candy and now I have a craving for one or two.

jenny_o said...

Root beer barrel candy sounds yummy! It might make up for not being able to have liquid root beer . . .

kylie said...

I drink a lot of coffee but I might have had too much over the years and sometimes I just feel coffeed out.

The I like tea

or chai

or coke

or a virgin mojito

or ginger beer

I don't think I have a single favourite of anything in the world. There are just so many fabulous choices.

I'm no fan of root beer, I think it's one of those things you have to grow up with

jenny_o said...

I know, it's hard for me to pick favourites of things, too. In this case I had two choices, water and root beer - haha

Some things are definitely easier to love when you grow up with them. I didn't even know there was licorice in root beer until recently. I don't LIKE licorice, at least not in candy. I certainly can't taste it in root beer, because if I could, it wouldn't be something I'd drink.

nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

I read a comment you made on another blog but couldn't find how to reply. It was about your being tired of reading all the political stuff. So I'll reply here:

"I'm so tired of it too. Over whelming! But I'm even more tired of some people I know who don't read or watch anything. They know nothing and care nothing.

But I am able to do two things at once. Stay informed and write silly little poems at the same time! I Am Woman!!"


jenny_o said...

Yep - we need to be informed, for sure. I find I need to strike a balance, though. Some days more, some less!

Thanks for dropping by :)

Mr. Shife said...

I loved your poem. I am sorry to hear you have so many restrictions on your choice of drink but glad you are able to enjoy root beer still. My favorite is iced tea. Take care.

jenny_o said...

Iced tea sounds like a good drink for the summertime!

Janie Junebug said...

Diet Pepsi, Diet Pepsi,
How I do adore thee.
I am so in love with you
that I no longer buy Diet Coke
because it happens to be cheaper.
Diet Pepsi, you are a keeper.


jenny_o said...

Haha! Great poem, Janie! My sister-in-law feels the same way about Diet Pepsi :)

Diane Henders said...

How odd that you can tolerate root beer even though it's carbonated. I'm glad there's at least one beverage you can have for a treat!

Milk is my all-time favourite beverage, and green tea is next in line. Root beer is at the absolute bottom of my list. It tastes like wintergreen to me, which is my least-favourite flavour second only to black licorice. Different strokes... ;-)

jenny_o said...

Now that you mention it, I've been assuming it's the carbonation but maybe it's just that the other fizzy drinks I would like have either citrus or caffeine in them (orange, 7-Up, the colas, etc.)

I still haven't figured out if I can drink milk in normal quantities. That's an experiment I need to do soon, but I rather dread it :) I bet you have good sturdy bones, Diane! I drank a ton of milk growing up and into my forties. I'm hoping that will protect my bones somewhat.

It's funny how our taste buds are different from person to person, and even from year to year in the same person. I read an article years ago that said our taste buds wear down as we age, so stronger foods are perceived as milder the older we get. I don't know if it's true or not, but it would explain most kids' aversion to broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc. Even there, though, not all kids dislike those foods.

I hear you on the licorice I violently dislike it too. I was shocked to find it's in root beer. There can't be much of it, I'd say, or else my super sensitive taste buds would have picked it up - ha ha

Diane Henders said...

I think it must be true about taste buds wearing down. I couldn't stand hot peppers or even green peppers as a child, but I love them now. Who knows, maybe I'll even learn to like black licorice someday! ;-)