Friday, 30 September 2016

Time is an Athlete; Donkey is Not.

The week has sprinted past me, raising its eyebrows as it swooshed by, shrugging its lean shoulders over my sluggishness, and leaving me wondering how on earth it's Friday already.

Therefore, in lieu of an actual post made up of thoughts and words and effort, here are just a couple of photos from the first of the month, when we went to check on our cottage:

A rocky shoal exposed at low tide

Layers of rock at the far edge of that shoal

Standing near the furthest edge of the shoal

A closer and fuzzier look at the gull perched on the rock in the previous shot

A tiny crab in a tiny pool of water - he was stranded on a rock so I put him back in the pool and hoped he would live

The drive home
I am ever hopeful that by Monday I will catch up to the week as it launches itself once again.



Jono said...

I want to go for a walk there.

jenny_o said...

It is a restful, beautiful spot. And still a place of solitude.

dinthebeast said...

Those pictures remind me of the south spit on Humboldt Bay, where I spent quite a bit of time as a child.
Now that you mention it, the whole damn month is already over!

-Doug in Oakland

Elephant's Child said...

Time is an athlete indeed. And undoubtedly on performance enhancing drugs. And a trickster.
And a walk there with you would be a wonderful antidote.

jenny_o said...

Yes; yes it is! And here comes October, gaining on us all :)

jenny_o said...

Yes - and once more I am glad for the internet, for digital photos and the art of writing, so we can all share our bits of heaven. Your Tulip Top experience is something I would love to see in person as well.

Mr. Shife said...

Like the pictures and good luck catching up. I can't believe it's Friday as well as the week seemed to fly by and I don't have a lot to show for it. Enjoy the weekend.

jenny_o said...

You too, Mr. S. Unfortunately the weekend goes even quicker than the week!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Maine, PD. Lovely.

jenny_o said...

Does it? Interesting! We're not that far from Maine, geographically, so maybe it's not so surprising.