Friday 12 May 2023

The Wild Things - Part 2

For Part 1, go here.

Thank you for all your comments on the pros and cons of feeding the raccoon. I appreciate your input.

By the time that post was published, I had already made the decision to occasionally put food out along the back edge of my property. I sprinkled it here and there to make the raccoon work for it. He (or she) still came up on my deck from time to time, and if there were any sunflower seeds left from the feeding of the birds, he (or she) got those too.

I'm going to assume he (or she) considers my house and land part of the territory under his (or her) control now, and I'll be making sure I don't wander around outside at night without a flashlight and a stick and making lots of noise. 

There have been other visitors here, too: the ever-present deer, of course, a fat squirrel (possibly now one thin squirrel and a half a dozen babies), a chipmunk, a red-headed woodpecker, pheasants, along with chickadees, finches, sparrows, bluejays, crows, and mourning doves. I'm only surprised I haven't seen any robins; in the past we've always had them by this time of the year. The seeds I'm putting out are only a minor reason for the wildlife I see here. The red-headed woodpecker likes to pound away at a rotting tree trunk for insects. It gives me a headache just to watch all that cranial action. The other birds eat insects in the grass, the deer browse on the bushes and trees, and there are spruce trees nearby that provide cones for the squirrels and chipmunks.

It has been a cool spring here, which I am not complaining about, because I dread the heat. But the temperature has also made it hard to get out and do yard work. I've had deadlines at work, too, which limits my time outside. I really need to get out and at least pick up the deer and raccoon droppings. Not long ago I had workmen here to fix a downspout (a victim of the hurricane in the fall) and I could hear them swearing when they stepped in something. They probably think I have a dog and never clean up after it. 

I now have video of the raccoon gamboling on the deck, and of the chipmunk, who came right up to my bare foot one day. Unfortunately, I can't get them off the phone onto the computer - at least, not without help from my computer guru.

So I'll leave you with this instead:

I think I borrowed this from another blogger, I just can't remember who. If it was you - thank you! 

Have a good week, my friends.



Marie Smith said...

You won’t be lonesome by the sound of it. Enjoy the menagerie.

Joanne Noragon said...

Thanks for so graciously taking what must have been one piled on heap of advice.

Mr. Shife said...

Will we get to see all of your new furry and feathered friends once the computer guru comes by? I am curious to see how many friends we will have this year since our tree got an extreme makeover. Take care, jenny_o.

Elephant's Child said...

Our visiting cats leave 'truffles' for me to discover in the garden.
How I would love to see some of your wildlife, despite loving our own.
I do hope that things calm down for you dear friend - and that your 'puter guru can show you how to share those videos.

Red said...

You have visits from some interesting critters.

River said...

That's quite a zoo you have there. The only droppings around here are from the possums and a few from the birds, but less of that now that I am no longer feeding them.

dinthebeast said...

I haven't been walking up to the mill pond much lately, but while I was I noticed that the frogs were back. Or some frogs were back. There was still some ice on the pond the last time I made it up there, but I could definitely hear frogs, which pleased me as they had sort of disappeared in November and December for some reason.
They can be quite loud. Some tourists up here to visit Yosemite heard them and thought they were a bear one time, so we named them Bearfrogs (instead of Bullfrogs).

-Doug in Sugar Pine

jabblog said...

What an entertaining garden you have. I'm quite envious. Like the others, I'd love to see your video. Close encounters of the wildlife kind ae always to be cherished, so long as they're benign.

kylie said...

I never tire of the birds I see around here (there's not that many but I enjoy every sighting) and I hope you find just as much joy from your assortment of critters.

messymimi said...

The wildlife will get the food, and they'll find ways we would never imagine. They outwit us every time.

Diane Henders said...

Hahaha! Loved the raccoon cartoon! I was fascinated to discover that woodpeckers actually have little 'brain cushions' inside their skulls, so they don't concuss themselves with all that pounding. I wonder how long it would take for humans to evolve something as useful as that? ;-)

Infidel753 said...

I think it would be wise to be very careful. Unusual tame or friendly behavior in wild animals can be a sign of early-stage rabies.

Martha said...

What fun! Sounds like you have a lot of visitors coming around. I'm with you on a cool spring. It's been the same way here and I am grateful for it. I cannot stand the heat.

Steve Reed said...

I look forward to the pictures! And thanks for the info about mountainous Nova Scotia -- I had no idea it was part of the Appalachians. The things we learn from blogging!

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

This sounds so much more interesting than my neighbourhood cats - even if I suppose their "gifts" are as appreciated ;)
I hope your computer wiz will help you, so that we can enjoy the menagerie. Stay safe.

jenny_o said...

Marie: As silly as it may sound, it really does help to have the wildlife around - other living things help me feel less alone.

Joanne: I really did appreciate every bit of advice because I can't possibly think of everything myself!

Mr. Shife: I hope so! I've figured out how to get some of the photos on the phone onto the computer, but not all of them. Of course, the ones I most wanted are in the second category. I hope your tree critters found other places to live. Sometimes the disruption just can't be helped.

Elephant's Child: Cat "truffles" made me laugh! Sounds so innocent, but I know exactly what you're talking about. Australian wildlife is fascinating. I signed up for Facebook a couple of years ago so I could keep up to date with my niece's and nephew's babies, but now I use it mostly to subscribe to kangaroo and wombat pages. I especially love seeing the wombats. Their little feet are so much like hands. How can some people not see how closely related all of us animals are? (rhetorical question, of course)

Red: The variety keeps surprising me, especially for an urban area.

River: Animals go wherever the food and habitat are!

Doug: Frogs loud enough to sound like a bear? Whoa :) As for being quiet in winter, I think they hibernate when it gets cold enough, don't they? I'm glad you're hearing them again. I love the sound of frogs. When I was growing up there was a pond across the road from our house and I went to sleep to the sound of frogs all through spring and summer.

jabblog: Your caveat is an important one! Personal safety is always my number one concern.

kylie: I know just what you mean. I get so much enjoyment from seeing them too.

Mimi: You're so right!

Diane: Yes, the cushion! But even knowing that, my head still ached with (unneeded) sympathy! lol

Infidel: I'm careful, for sure. We were taught as kids about rabies because we grew up in the country.

Steve: Indeed! Isn't that a weird fact about our mountains?!

Charlotte: "Gifts" - lol. I'm not overly happy but it's the price I have to pay to see all the interesting critters :)

jenny_o said...

Martha: I had to rescue you from the spam folder, sorry! Yes, it's been interesting how much wildlife there is right here in town. Urban critters :)

e said...

Well, if your electronics go on yhr fritz you'll have a lot of free entertainment!

jenny_o said...

e: True :)

baili said...

your area seems quite rich with wild life dear Jenny ,this sounds bit exciting to me as being from a city (small though) i miss all the adventures we used to have with wild life back in my native town.
from your sharing i can see it is on the other hand a problem for you as well because of the business you have regarding your deadlines at office and other stuff .

if i remember correctly i saw my elder sons sending photos from phone to computer by using usb .that connects with phone somehow image transfer to it and then usb is connected to computer and image sent to pc .but honestly despite i can tell you this it could not work for me when i tried quite long ago after my eldest son left and than elder son helped me with all this now i am on my own once again but i did not try it until now because photos from my phone go to google photo which opens up on pc as well thankfully
best of luck with all you do my friend! hugs

Cherie said...

For some reason your new posts don't show on my list. I have some catching up to do.