Thursday 23 June 2022

Dagnabit, Blogger! I Think I'll Have Me a Meltdown ...

I'm not the only person to blog about the recent commenting issues in Blogger, and I'm far from the only one experiencing them.

First, there's the problem of commenting on other peoples' blogs. As I mentioned in another post, I've found a workaround for that. I just click on a different tab, then go back to the blog tab, and -- magically -- I can comment. Hopefully this has worked for some of you, too.

Then there's the problem of other people commenting on my blog.

Sometimes the comments end up in Spam, and sometimes they just do not appear at all until I refresh the Comments page. In the second scenario, they may be buried far down the page, and the only way to identify them is to hover the mouse over the right side of every comment, and either a trash icon or a check mark will appear. If the check mark appears, the comment is not yet published on the blog. (Click on it to publish it.) See new UPDATE below ...

A number of you are ending up in limbo this way, and I don't see your comments until the next time I refresh the page. I'm sorry for the delay in finding you, and I'll try to refresh more often so I catch your comments right away.

This problem also means my replies may not include comments in the order in which they came in. I do try to answer all comments, so if you don't see it where you expect, keep reading and you'll hopefully see my reply further down the page.

Dagnabit, Blogger -- if you're going to "fix" or "upgrade" or whatever you set out to do, is it too much to ask that you not break something else in the process??

UPDATE: In the comments today, Leanna has posted an easier way to see the comments awaiting moderation. I've copy/pasted her comment below. Thanks, Leanna :)

" In the Comments area above all the comments, there is a thingy that says "All" and there should be a number of the total comments that have been posted in parentheses with an "arrow" pointing down. If you click on the little arrow a popup box will appear and it shows you how many comments are there for you to click to post. It also shows how many spam comments are still waiting. Just click on the numbers next to awaiting moderation or spam and they will show up in the comment feed for you to look at."

Also, I want to say that River, who writes the blog Drifting through life, did a great tutorial on this recently (here) and she said the exact same thing as Leanna ... and I missed it because I thought I already knew the information. Shame on me ... thanks, River, for that tutorial.


Clearly, I am in a mood the last few days. 

We are on the home stretch with my mother's eye drops. There are just under seven days' worth of visits left, or 26 visits, to be precise. I feel like a boxer who has gone nine rounds and is trying to stay on his/her feet to get through the tenth round. Is that a correct analogy? I used to watch boxing with my dad when I was younger, before I realized what a terrible sport it is. But that's a whole 'nother discussion, isn't it.

So, getting back to my mood. We need some funnies, stat.

 I actually have a theme this time around that fits my mood: Toddler Meltdowns!! If you read the first one you'll understand that the rest are replies to her tweet.














I hope you have a great week, and if that's not possible and you must have a meltdown, please make it  as epic as these toddlers made theirs 😆


Jean Winnipeg said...

I did have a good laugh at some of the child stories!
Absolutely wonderful— just what I needed. They revived me!

Leanna said...

In the Comments area above all the comments, there is a thingy that says "All" and there should be a number of the total comments that have been posted in parentheses with an "arrow" pointing down. If you click on the little arrow a popup box will appear and it shows you how many comments are there for you to click to post. It also shows how many spam comments are still waiting. Just click on the numbers next to awaiting moderation or spam and they will show up in the comment feed for you to look at.

Mike said...

What Leanna said! I always check before I do anything. And I didn't know about the magic trick, interesting.

I totally agree about the bacon problem.

jenny_o said...

Jean: I'm so glad! They're very true to what kids are like, too, aren't they? :)

Leanna: I did not know that - thank you! I've added your comment as an update to my post. Clearly I do not click often enough on icons to see what all the possibilities are. lol

Elephant's Child said...

Hiss and spit at blogger. Who is also messing with the order that posts appear in the reading list.
I did love the meltdowns and have considered having one of my own.
As an aside I well remember my eldest nephew's FURY when his father completely peeled his banana before handing it to him. He was a monkey and he was going to eat it partially peeled or he was NOT. GOING. TO. EAT. IT. AT. ALL. And was going to be very vocal about his refusal to eat.

Mr. Shife said...

Hang in there, jenny_o. You are almost to the finish line. I was hoping your comment trick would help but it didn't work. I have to use my laptop to comment on other people's blogs. I can update my blog and do all of the admin stuff on my desktop but it will not recognize me when I try to comment. So much fun.

Terra said...

These are wonderful toddler meltdowns and gave me smiles. Yes, the comment problem is annoying. Oddly enough, I was easily able to comment here right now. Half the time blogger won't allow me to comment, so I will try some of your tips.

dinthebeast said...

Google has wanted to kill off Blogger for a while now, as it doesn't make them a lot of money. Its widespread popularity is said to be what is keeping it alive.
The funnies remind me of why I never wanted children...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Boud said...

Great memories of my four year old furious because he couldn't ride in the front and back seats at the same time. All my fault of course.

DB Stewart said...

Ah yes, those funnies brought back meltdown memories. Once, when my daughter was about two or three, we were in a hardware store when she noticed the toys & treats strategically placed at the check-out...a meltdown ensued so I handed her the curtain rod I was buying and she perked right up. Haha.

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Oh, those toddler tantrums SO not fun when happening, but some of them hilarious to look back at. Thanks.
And please hang in there, we're counting down together with you!

Anonymous said...

Never mind me even earlier explaining the same about comments going to the spam folder and how to deal with the matter.

I was wondering if the eye drops had ended. Soon then.

I experienced some strange behaviour by a niece and great nieces with a completely illogical lack of understanding.

Leanna said...

You are so welcome. Any time you need help, I will try to help as best I can when you or anyone else asks.
I forgot to mention that if you click the "Posts" button and then click on the "All" button just like the "Comments" button would have, it will drop down a little box and show you the Drafts that haven't been posted yet as well as the amount of Published posts. Just in case you need it.

Joanne Noragon said...

Wonderful tantrum funnies. The ones my children did not have my gandchildren did have.

River said...

Thanks for the kickback. I did the tutorial after reading Andrew's and EC's instructions and wondering how many would prefer a visual to follow.
I'm amazed at the things toddlers will melt down over. I had a three years old daughter melt down over a small bag of lollies (sweets/candy), she wanted her favourite kind in a little bag of her own, I was buying a larger bag of mixed lollies for sharing after dinner that night. I made sure to get some of her favourites, but she declared she wasn't having any unless they were in a separate little bag for her to carry. She carried on so bad I had to carry her out to calm down. Later that night she kept her word and refused to eat any sweets at all, took herself off to bed instead.
Can you believe that was the only melt down we ever had and I had four children. I still don't understand why.

messymimi said...

No fits will be pitched here if you don't find my comment for a day or so, i promise.

gz said...

I always check the spam list as well as comments waiting!

gz said...

Have a read...just found this

Martha said...

Commenting is quite frustrating for many. I do hope this issue is resolved soon. Perhaps Blogger has been flooded with inquiries!

That is great about your mother's eye drops! What a relief that will be.

Mary said...

Count Dracula (sesame street) would happily count down the end of eye drops with do I. You're a saint.

Thanks for the toddler tantrums. Far too many of my own four that I keep trying to delete from my memory bank. Then again, these days I don't have to work that hard at forgetting anything. Nature's doing it for me.

As for commenting on blogs these past few months, it is hit or miss. About three-quarters of the time, I am unable to comment on blogs I've followed for years. Sometimes I can access and comment as anonymous. then type my name; for others, I am completely unable to access the comment box even when signed in to g00gle. Don't have the energy to fight this crap anymore.

Diane Henders said...

The Blogger issues? Grrr! The toddler stories? OMG, I'm still laughing. And giving PROFOUND thanks that I never had children. ;-)

kylie said...

The toddler stories were funny, some of them remind me rather too much of my almost 26 year old. I have raised a man child

Jackie McGuinness said...

Having the same blogger issues too. Also Bloglovin' is up and down like a toilet seat.
I also feel like throwing tantrums lately!

jenny_o said...

Mike: I hope it works for you.

Elephant's Child: That meltdown would fit right in with these!

Mr. Shife: Ugh - sounds like a conflict between Blogger and something on your desktop. And I have NO idea how to address that.

Terra: The randomness of the commenting problem is strange, isn't it?

Doug: I had forgotten about the greed/money-making aspect of it. That's undoubtedly why they don't care.

Boud: Oh, that IS funny!!

DBS: Well done! Great idea :)

Charlotte: Funny thing is, I don't remember my own kids ever losing it over a logic issue. There were other funny stories, though :) There are just nine trips left as of this minute - I'm really ready for this to be over with.

Andrew: I must have missed that post, or forgotten it. I'm forgetting a lot while I'm using up so much mental energy on my mom's eye drops visits. Nine trips left!! Yeah, sometimes it's a hard wait while little kids grow up enough to be more logical.

Leanna: Another great tip; thank you. I discovered I had 29 drafts - could have sworn I deleted ALL of them already, but no :)

jenny_o said...

Joanne: I wish I saw my grandkids more often to see the things that are likely driving their parents around the bend :)

River: I think I must have missed both Andrew's and EC's posts - at least, I don't remember them. It feels like I had a bad case of mental fog for a few weeks recently; maybe that was why. Your daughter certainly had a lot of self-discipline not to cave in and eat the sweets when she could have done so!

Mimi: A most reasonable and welcome attitude :D

gz: Thank you for that link. I do remember earlier in the comment debacle that I figured out I could do more in Chrome than in Firefox, but had forgotten it after I found a shortcut to commenting. I'm sure there's some conflict there that nobody cares about solving (like Doug, above, mentioned).

Martha: It seems the commenting bug has really ramped up recently. And Blogger doesn't seem to respond to complaints. I will be SO glad when these frequent visits to my mom are done. It takes so much mental energy to deal with dementia behavior four times a day, day in and day out.

Mary: I hear you on the forgetfulness. Mine's usually when I'm stressed and trying to juggle too much, and/or tired. You too, maybe? Yeah, the commenting issue is turning a lot of folks off. It's hard to keep banging one's head against the wall.

Diane: Aw, but wouldn't children give you so much blog material? LOL

kylie: Oh no! Maybe it's a personality thing as well as a toddler thing!!

Jackie: Join the crowd; we will stage a mass tantrum :D