Thursday 10 March 2022

Spring is Coming

In the northern hemisphere, we are looking forward to Spring.

Should that be capitalized? It's a very special time of year, so I'm going with a capital S.

The calendar says Spring is still over a week away, but the weather is variable so it can feel like Spring one day and winter the next. Notice that winter does not rate a capital w. It is not a special time of year. It is just a marathon of ice and snow.

But today is a mild 6C (43F) which feels positively balmy because there is no wind and the sun is shining.

And when I was driving home from an appointment, I saw a Sure Sign of Spring.

It wasn't a crocus or daffodil, it wasn't someone wearing shorts, it wasn't a yard sale.

It was a dog riding in the back seat of a truck, with his nose poked out of the open window, sniffing for all he was worth.

People aren't the only animals who grow weary of certain seasons. 

Like I said, I was driving at the time, so I couldn't get a picture. Also, my camera was at home. I never realized I'd need it so badly on such a short drive.

In honour of the doggo who made my day, here are a few images from Pixabay, where you can find free photos of just about any topic.



Dog, Pet, Car Window, Drive, Road Trip, Animal, Bulldog




Cocker Spaniel, Dog, Car, Happy, Cool, Gun Dog, Driving



Dog, Canine, Mammal, Pet, Car, Window, Animal, German




Dog, Window, Truck, Semi, Pet, Animal, Transportation




Dog, Car, Window, Pet, Animal, Cute, Tongue, Husky



Dog, Window, Animal, Pet, Cute, Happy, Puppy, Car

Not a car or truck window, but still a window, still a chance to have all the sniffs.


I hope you have a good week with lots of interesting stuff to inhale.

Well now, that didn't exactly come out as I intended, but what the heck.

Whatever turns your crank. I won't judge.





37paddington said...

Hello there, Jenny. I'm so looking forward to spring. Cute pups!

dinthebeast said...

There are daffodils growing by the side of the road and the ice has receded enough that I might not wear the spikes on my shoes when I go for my walk today.
Also, the geese are back at the pond and yesterday I saw what might be a great blue heron. Don't know whether I should have capitalized him or not, but he was very majestic looking and the ducks and geese seemed a little envious of him...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Mr. Shife said...

Capital S indeed. We keep getting teased with Spring around here. A few days in the 60s then we set a low of 14 this morning. Mother Nature is quite crazy this time of year. And Ms. Frizzle is a big fan of sticking her head out the car window any time of the year. Take care, ienny_o.

River said...

Love the dogs :)
It's cooling down towards autumn here in Australia and I've been comfortable for a couple of weeks now, but today is predicted to be 29C and then three days of 32C which will have me running the airconditioner in the afternoons at least when the sun and heat come in through my front window. There are plenty of pollens around which I hope NOT to be sniffing, but sometimes they are unavoidable. The nights have been cold enough now for me to take a hot water bottle to bed. In a few weeks I will be putting the extra quilts back on too. You'll probably laugh at that since our winters are nowhere near as cold as yours, but after our summers, we do feel the need for extra quilts or blankets.

Susan Kane said...

The dogs are great. When we see them along streets, heads and tongues flapping.

Marie Smith said...

We need those spring-like day to be sure! Another tomorrow. Yay!

crafty cat corner said...

We went out for coffee today and everywhere there were daffs and Celandines on the side of the country roads, blossom on the trees and it lifted my heart.

Mike said...

The weekly storm that is moving across the continent will be at your house soon.

messymimi said...

Heeheehee! That ending made me laugh.

When walking dogs, i have often wondered what it would be like to detect scents the way they do.

Joanne Noragon said...

A Scotch Terrier! We grew up with one in the neighborhood, and that's pretty much the end of my acquaintance with that lovely breed.

jenny_o said...

37p: Me too!

Doug: Great Blue Heron, capitialized, would do justice to his majesty, yes :D The seasons do eventually change, eh?

Mr. S: I can picture Ms Frizzle enjoying that!

River: I don't know how you take the summer temperatures there. My hat is off to you all. I hope you can miss most of the pollen!

Susan: Dogs are so interesting to watch.

Marie: Yes! Let's make the most of it :)

Briony: It's SO good to see the first flowers and greenery. I'm glad you had that joy today.

Mike: Are you sure you can't hold it back somehow??

Mimi: I'm glad you laughed! I think if I was a dog with a doggy nose, I'd need a good strong stomach, too -- imagine smelling everything so keenly :)

jenny_o said...

Joanne: I've never been up close and personal with a Scotch terrier so you're one step ahead of me. But I had a little plastic brooch made in the likeness of one when I was young, and I loved it. I think I still have it; now I need to dig through my jewelry box and see :)

Bonnie said...

I love this post! I am like you when I see a dog with his head out the car window and a big toothy smile on his face! It just makes you feel good. I am so looking forward to Spring but we can't count on it here until April at the earliest. We had another big snow last night and expect one tonight as well. That's okay because I know Spring is getting close!

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Hehe thanks! The smell of Spring - capitalized - is one you cannot mistake. I was out there sniffing like any old dogs a couple of days ago. And even if we have had frosty mornings and cold winds since, Spring for me begins with that smell!

gz said...

Now that's a good sign of Spring!

baili said...

though short but beautiful post dear Jenny as you have gift to hold heart with few words i realize it always :)

the phrase "no wind and sun was shining " made me peaceful for you my friend!

the dog you saw on the back seat of truck sneezing all the way has my sympathy ,i imagined myself there and sneeze seemed at the tip of my nose :)

wishing you a sooner arriving spring . hugs and blessings!

jenny_o said...

Bonnie: You just have to love a happy dog! Our spring doesn't usually start until April, either. And it's been known to snow in May here and we often have frost at night in early June. It makes the growing season very short, as the frost can start up again in early October.

Charlotte: Oh yes, the smell of spring is wonderful, isn't it?!

gz: I think that's something we can all agree on - lol

baili: Lucky for the dog, he was just smelling the air ("sniffing"), not sneezing - but the sunshine certainly CAN make a person sneeze, sometimes three or four sneezes in a row! Hugs to you, dear friend :)

Martha said...

Spring won't come soon enough for me. I hope it's early and I hope it's beautiful!

jenny_o said...

Martha: I hear you - me too!

Diane Henders said...

"Lots of interesting stuff to inhale" - LOL! Out here we're inhaling pollen already, but I'm not complaining. The crocuses are so bright and cheery, and the daffodils are just starting. Spring is my favourite season!

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

It's been quite warm here, surprisingly! The first day of spring, though, we had a grandaddy of a blizzard. Fortunately, as with many spring storms, by the next day, pretty much all of it had melted and we were back down to the accumulated ice and snow of winter. We're progressing...
Funny, I just opened my office window for my doggins and she is one happy camper with her nose in the outdoors--smelling thee smells...