Monday 22 July 2019

Poetry Monday: Things That Cool Us Down ........ and Funnies

It's Poetry Monday, and this week's topic is . . . . . . . . . . THINGS THAT COOL US DOWN.

Join Delores, MotherOwl, and me as we chill out over this topic. If we do our job well, you'll shiver with the thrill of a poem well made. (When was the last time a poem made you shiver?? Ah, well.)

You can leave a poem in the comments, or post on your own blog. If you do the latter, please let us know in the comments so we can come along and applaud. Use the topic, or not - your choice. Have fun!


I am writing this in the final hours of Sunday evening because I had a busy week (and weekend) at work and didn't get around to "pome-ing" until now. The heat and humidity were overpowering here yesterday and the earlier part of today, so this was a great topic for this week.

Luckily, we had a terrific downpour a few hours ago and things are much cooler now. I guess "rainstorm" is one thing that cools people down.

But it's not as if you can just order up a rainstorm anytime the weather gets hot. So what are some other ways to get cooled off?

Oh, look, here's a poem to explain it all! It's a short one, because I'm running out of time, and also I stupidly just closed my finger in the door and it hurts to type :)


Be The Coolest Cat Around

Sit in a kiddy pool
Swim in a lake
Slurp up a popsicle
Eat ice cream cake
Jump in the shower
Sit by a fan
Run through a sprinkler
Do 'em all if you can

And if you have plenty
Of money to spend
Go live somewhere cold
Until the heat ends! 

Also, sunglasses make you cool, but in a different way.



Some of these funnies have snow, which is another great way to get cool. Except . . . if it's snowing, you're probably not feeling terribly hot. It's a conundrum, isn't it?

This is clearly how you can afford to move somewhere else.

Snowmen are cool. Snow dogs are cool too.

Kitty thinks the melted spot is a box. Or kitty does not like the cold snow. Or both.

Kitty is not happy. I think kitties in general like summer better than winter.


I just hope his humans appreciated his work.


Bill is so suspicious!! He's behaving just like a cat!!




That is one cool bear.


But it would be so nice and cool . . .


Oh, all right! Five more minutes.


I hope your weather is treating you kindly. 

Next week's topic will be . . . THE MOON (in honour of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, July 20, 1969) . . . a little late, but I had to wait for my turn to suggest a topic. lol

Good luck.



Elephant's Child said...

Love your funnies.
And your poem.
My partner's mother used to put their pyjamas in the freezer for a while in the heat of summer. He tells me it was bliss, and often lasted just long enough to get to sleep.

baili said...

dear Jenny i am so sorry your fingers ,hope feeling bit better today !

i too do it sometimes while dusting in hurry

i am so happy that you got some rain my friend ,here it was too windy for more than previous 3 weeks but suddenly clouds started to come and air stopped :(

topic relates to the weather so well indeed and as always you did COOL job here :)

LOVED the poem , nicely composed :) spending summers somewhere else is becoming common here either ,people who can afford move to northern parts of country or go foreign for few months ,all depends on money indeed

i enjoyed the funnies ,each one made me smile or laugh :)

please take great care ,hugs!

dinthebeast said...

Apparently it depends on how hot it gets. My teeth don't usually like it when I eat ice, but back in June when it was 107F outside, no air conditioning, and my room is upstairs, I was getting glasses of ice cubes from the refrigerator door and just eating them one after another.
It has since cooled down here, and is beautiful, but from what I read, the rest of the country had an uncomfortable weekend.
Here's to everyone making it through the heat OK and the temperatures dipping back to the sanity zone...

The cat took to hiding under the bed, and true to your poem, getting wet in the sprinkler.

-Doug in Oakland

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Your poor fingers! I hope they heal up soon. Your poem is nice and cool.
"Mice cream" just love it!

River said...

I love all the cartoons :) Your poem is good too.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I woke up to the smile of your poem and animal cartoons. It was a nice way to start my day. It seems the whole northern hemisphere is burning up the past few days and the heat had been unbearable. We are being rewarded now with storms that are both exciting and frightening with their intensity. We are cooler and we are thankful.

Red said...

Hey, reading your poem makes me feel cooler. Have a great day.

only slightly confused said...

If I had known you wanted the moon as a topic I would have obliged....I love the moon. That was a fun pome this week Jenny....and great funnies. I love the raccoon.

Marie Smith said...

Sometimes a summer thunderstorm cools everything off for a few days. Love summer any way it presents itself. Great poem!

LL Cool Joe said...

It's a fairly pleasant temperature here in the UK, but it is meant to be turning warmer. I say bring it on.

And shades always add a bit of coolness. :D

jenny_o said...

Now there's something I haven't heard of before, much less tried! What a brilliant idea!

jenny_o said...

The wind can be a great help in cooling things off. It's like a gigantic fan!

I'm glad you enjoyed the funnies, baili :)

Thank you for your good thoughts! Hugs to you.

jenny_o said...

107F is intense - I would be useless in that. Eating ice cubes would help but so would putting them down your neck, I think :) I'm glad your region has cooled since then.

I didn't know cats would voluntarily get wet, even in hot weather! We have bathed our cats in the dim past; they didn't like it!

jenny_o said...

The finger felt better reasonably fast but I had to get the poem done and couldn't wait! All that's left today is a blood blister, so it's all good.

I love "mice cream" too - well, the play on words anyway. Not sure I'd try eating it - haha

jenny_o said...

Thanks, River - I love when other people find the "good" cartoons and post them, so I'm trying to do my bit :)

jenny_o said...

It is such a huge relief when the heat abates, isn't it? We aren't used to the intense heat and humidity here so when it settles in, it's a shock. I hope everyone was safe through your storms.

jenny_o said...

Mission accomplished! . . . unless you weren't hot to start with . . . Hah

jenny_o said...

The thing is that I THOUGHT last week that it was my turn for the topic, and even had it written up in the post, and after it published I checked your post and it was YOUR TURN! Gah! I freaked out and changed my post, lol We can still write about the moon this week, no worries!

That raccoon makes me think of a little old man standing in a kiddy pool! Pretty cute :)

jenny_o said...

We were pleasantly surprised at how much cooler it was after this rainstorm. Sometimes it doesn't end up changing the humidity. It's such a relief to have less humidity today.

jenny_o said...

Aha! You sound like my brother. He used to leave the air-conditioning at work and sit in the hot car with the windows up to get warmer. He loves the heat! Well, enjoy whatever you get; I understand it doesn't happen a lot over there :)

You are the shades expert, and I would have expected no other comment on that from you - ha ha!

Bonnie said...

I love all the funnies! Animal (especially cat) funnies are always great. We've been in quite a heatwave here in the Midwest but it is a bit cooler this week for a few days at least. I love your poem - you always come up with the best ones!

Susan said...

I'm lucky I can be at the beach in five minutes and throw myself into the reliably cold sea. 37C in our backyard today.

messymimi said...

There's cool, and then there's cool. Fun poem!

My poem is rather silly.

e said...


Janie Junebug said...

The dog who brought the sprinkler in the house is one reason that I don't have a doggy door. The overarching reason is their ability to kill certain critters and bring them in the house. I love pome-ing. Should we make that our permanent poem-writing description? I want to be the coolest cat in town. I have to settle for an air-conditioned office building.


Steve Reed said...

OMG -- the sprinkler through the doggy door! And the cat in the snow. That cat is NOT happy.

I don't really consciously TRY to stay cool. I just get less active, which I suppose has the same result. And I have a gin & tonic. :)

jenny_o said...

I'm so glad you like the funnies and the poem! I hope your weather isn't too quick to go back to "scorch" level :)

jenny_o said...

Ooof - that's hot! Water of any kind helps cool the core and that's important. You ARE lucky to be so close to the sea!

jenny_o said...

You packed a lot of good advice into your poem, Mimi!

jenny_o said...

Cat memes - all of the cute, none of the poop! haha

jenny_o said...

Dead critters are bad. Live critters might be even worse, Janie - lol

There NEEDS to be a shorter way of saying "writing poetry" if you ask me :)

Air-conditioning at work is a Very Good Thing, in my opinion at least.

jenny_o said...

I wonder if they make gin & tonic popsicles . . .

I keep wondering WHO would stand and take a picture of that indoor sprinkler instead of putting it back outside!!

Diane Henders said...

A very cool pome! :-) I hope the heat lets up out there soon. We've had a cooler summer here on the West Coast than last year - we've only had a couple of days over 30C so far. (But the summer isn't over yet, and the weather folks said it would 'hotter and drier' than last year. I guess time will tell.)

Thanks for the LOLZ, and stay cool!

jenny_o said...

Overall it's been cooler here, too, but it's the humidity along with the occasional hot spell that's really the killer. You must have the humidity there, too, don't you? I hope you get some more nice days. You're right - there's still August and September to go!

Mr. Shife said...

Nicely done on the poem, jenny_o. Love it. And my favorite meme is one with the dog bringing in the sprinkler because I can see Ms. Frizz doing that.

John M said...

Here it was very hot last weekend. now it's much better.
Thanks for the funny post.

jenny_o said...

Let's hope you don't have a dog flap and a sprinkler, then!

jenny_o said...

Glad you enjoyed it, John.

Summer is nice until it gets to cooking temperature :)

Diane Henders said...

Yes, it's a little humid here; but it hasn't really bothered me. I grew up in Manitoba, which is basically the bottom of a swamp. We've lived here on the coast for over two years now, and I still haven't encountered any weather as sticky as a Manitoba summer. :-)

jenny_o said...

It's all so relative, isn't it? :D

Cherie said...

It's been far too hot for this lily livered Brit just lately. Thankfully it is pleasantly cool today

jenny_o said...

You folks had a dilly of a heat wave - thank goodness it was short!

I haven't heard the expression "lily livered" in decades! I can't even remember HOW I would have heard it. Usually expressions like those would have been ones my parents used, but I don't think that one was. Thanks for the flashback :)

Cherie said...

I think it must be one of those things my would have mum said as it isn't an expression I use very often