Monday 18 February 2019

Poetry Monday: Winter Windows

It's Poetry Monday and this week's topic, courtesy of Delores, is WINTER WINDOWS.

Join us as we squint through those windows and see what we can see . . .

You can leave a poem in the comments on either of our blogs, or in the comments below. If you do the latter, please leave a comment so we can come along and read.


Winter Windows, eh? I knew this would be a challenge (for me) when Delores suggested it last week.

Let me just get my trusty hunting cats and my explorer scarf and my magnifying glass and see what thoughts I can scare out of the underbrush in my brain . . .

Donkey -- with cats, scarf, and magnifying glass. No?? Come on, use that imagination of yours :)

Here's what I found on my hunting trip.

Although February used to be quite a snowy month where I live, the last few years have been very "open" (not much snow cover). This year follows that trend. We have had quite a few snowstorms, but in between those the snow has either melted or been washed away by rain.

One thing that I like about snow on the ground is how it makes the days (and nights) look brighter, because it reflects the light. When there is no snow, the landscape looks drab and colourless.

So, instead of seeing snow and ice out my winter windows, I'm seeing . . .


What I See

Through this February glass
All I see is dead, brown grass
Leafless trees, expired flowers
How I long for April showers


Oh, yes indeedy, it IS a short one today 😀  Aren't we all lucky??

Now . . . how about HAIR as next week's topic? Delores, are you game?

Have a good week, everyone!


River said...

I love your short poem, it snappy and to the point.
Hair? that should be easy, just go to youtube and put up the song from the play.

Anonymous said...

Very good. As you know we have had extreme weather events here, and no snow in your country may not be extreme, but it is a change.

dinthebeast said...

Winter around here isn't that different than the other seasons, no snow at all.
In Eureka, where I grew up, it rains a lot. And in summer, Humboldt Bay keeps things overcast.
I didn't realize how much all of that gloomy weather affected my mental state until I moved away from it.
So the morning sun through my winter windows is something I have come to appreciate.

-Doug in Oakland

Steve Reed said...

I think we're all longing for April showers at this time of year, although fortunately we haven't had much snow here either. (So far!)

Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

Short and sweet. I am unable to participate - writing poems in a foreign language is far harder than prose. But I have put up a photo of my winter window to support your cause. Cross posted at Delores' blog.

kylie said...

April is only about six weeks away and those weeks will be gone in a flash.
My winter windows are always covered in condensation, closely followed by mould. Ugh

baili said...

Haha magnifying glass made me laugh dear Jenny!

You look SWEETHEART!!!

I found your short poem great!

Even I found myself looking out that winters window and desperately longed for SPRING!!!

My son also shared last day during video call that this year it snowed less than previous one!

Hope early summers will bring more joy and colours to your days ahead my friend!

only slightly confused said...

Short and sweet and definitely paints a picture of winters desolation. HAIR????? You got it girl.

Joanne Noragon said...

You guys are a wonder!

Joan (Devon) said...

Hello Jenny, I like short and sweet and you put over your feelings exactly.

Here's my contribution which is another short one.

Winter Windows

The scene I see before me,
As I open my curtains wide.
Is one of spectacular beauty,
Natures soft and wonderful pride.

The experts may explain it
With their scientific finds,
But science is forgotten,
When nature lifts up our minds.

Untrodden and unmarked,
Laying just as it fell.
Is a truly Winter Wonderland,
Capturing me with its magical spell.

Sadly it will be gone soon,
As life gets underway.
So wrap up warm and cosy
And let's enjoy the snow today.

I'll be looking forward to your poem next week as I know you have 'untamed' hair, as did I once upon a time.

Enjoy your week. Take care.

Red said...

We do need spring. We've had a very long cold February.

37paddington said...

Winter is bleak here, too. My daughter moved to an apartment complex with expansive lawns, but all one sees right now is brown fields and spiky trees. I do hope the April showers bring some reprieve.

jenny_o said...

But that would be CHEATING! haha

jenny_o said...

It's actually a big change from when I was a kid, and even from when MY kids were kids. It hasn't led to extreme events yet, but there's no doubt in my mind that it will soon.

jenny_o said...

Yes, I can see why. I can take a lot of gray weather but eventually it catches up to even me.

jenny_o said...

Hopefully you're past that danger :)

jenny_o said...

Your photo supports the topic perfectly, Uglemor. And you did write a poem - not all poems rhyme! That's the kind I prefer to write, but I read all kinds :)

jenny_o said...

Six weeks - it's true, kylie! That doesn't sound so bad!

Condensation is something I am familiar with, too. And mould. Double ugh. I run vaporizers to help with the humidity and overdo it at times.

jenny_o said...

If only it could be spring ALL the time, right? I'm not fond of either winter or summer, but spring . . . and fall . . . I could take those anytime :)

Hugs to you, too, dear baili!

jenny_o said...

Yeah, I got too much of it, which is kind of the problem :D lol

jenny_o said...

No, just a little unhinged, Joanne :)

jenny_o said...

That is just how I feel when we have a fresh, gentle snowfall, Joan - you've captured that perfectly.

"untamed" is a good word for it :)

jenny_o said...

Yes, you have, much worse than ours. I feel guilty for being a whiner!

jenny_o said...

I know they will, if we can just make it through a few more weeks :)

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Short and sweet and fun as usual.

The snow does make everything look so pretty for about 12 hours. Daisy and I spend lots of time in the winter looking out the windows half wanting to go out and play or walk in the snow and the other half very greatful that we are inside.

Susan Kane said...

February is a bleak month for the most part.

Martha said...

A short and sweet poem. We've had more than enough snow this past month, and even freezing rains. So...if you're feeling left out, I'd be happy to send some right over :) And I can't wait till spring!

jenny_o said...

I wonder which half wins! I haven't even gone for a walk all winter :(

jenny_o said...

Thank goodness it's got a few days missing :)

jenny_o said...

Oh, no - no, thank you! I'm good! lol

Marie Smith said...

All I see through my dirty winter windows is ice! Oh for spring!

jenny_o said...

We could start a chorus singing "Oh for spring" couldn't we? :)

Diane Henders said...

You're right about the brightness! Since we had our big snowfall there's been a full moon, and it was almost bright enough to read by. And it's nice to get a bit of extra brightness during the day, when the days seem to be taking FOREVER to get longer! Soon... April will come soon... :-)

jenny_o said...

It's amazing how light the nighttime can be, isn't it? It makes such a difference with snow cover versus without!

Mr. Shife said...

I like it. Short and sweet is great especially when it's awesome like your poem. We just got nearly 6 inches of snow this week. Good times. I am ready for spring.

jenny_o said...

I bet your kids enjoyed it, though! Thanks for reading, Mr. S :)

Lynn Marie said...

Glad to see you using the term "open winter" as only the older people here still seem to say it. Well, perhaps the very rural young still do too.