Monday 17 December 2018

Poetry Monday: Holiday Romance

It's Poetry Monday . . . and the topic this week is "holiday romance."

Join Diane and me (Delores is on temporary hiatus) as we take this topic out on a date. You can leave a poem in the comments on either of our blogs, or post on your own blog. If the latter, please leave a comment to let us know where to find you. Use the topic or not; just have fun.


I may be in the minority here, but I've never had a holiday romance. So I felt a bit at sea when considering the topic.

Then I thought about romance in terms of "what," not "who," and a dim bulb finally brightened.

The thing I love to do that's connected with the holidays is to make Christmas tree ornaments. I don't know why, but making ornaments brings lightness to my heart and a sparkle to my eye. I get butterflies when I think about it. Truly I do. That may be weird, but it's how I'm wired.

A hundred points for anyone who noticed that "wired" is just "weird" with the letters rearranged.

So anyway, the last few years I've made a lot of Christmas ornaments to sell at craft sales, using stacks of buttons or thread spools. (I make other stuff, too, but that's a different topic.) You can read about them and see some pictures here, or you can take my word for it and just look at these pictures from last year:

Snowmen made from buttons. I also make Santas, Christmas trees and angels.

Thread spool ornaments . . . with buttons on top and bottom . . . and that's a hand-made tassel on the left one, people. Not so impressive when one realizes that everything was hand-made at one time, though. Why do we think machine-made is the pinnacle of beauty, I wonder?

This year I tried a couple of new things:

Little felt people,which may look familiar to Steve and his readers at Shadows & Light, modelled on an ornament given to me last Christmas, similar to the ones Steve found:

The first one off the home assembly line. A bit wonky. Kept for personal use, as is usual with my first drafts.

Angels with musical instruments:

Angels with music books:

Angels with flowers:

Angels with feather wings (my personal favourite); these are tiny, about two inches high:

And bundles of cinnamon sticks with dried orange peel stars, inspired by two things: the need to use up a bag of cinnamon sticks I inherited when our daughter moved away, and reading about crafting with orange peelings by Cherie at North Yorkshires Craft Guru -- thanks for the inspiration, Cherie!

They smell pretty good. You can't smell them? You're not close enough to the screen. Come closer. Closer . . .

Now, I'd like to report that these items were a huge hit with buyers at the several craft sales where I flog my wares and that I am now very rich because so many sold . . . but that would be lying. I sold very few of them, which was a disappointment. But I had fun making them, and I'm proud of the final product, and they will keep until next year's sale, where they will get marked down in price in order to move them along.

And I've found my new project for next year's sale: Gnomes!

One variation of many on the gnome theme. This is not my work, but I hope to replicate it. (photo: Pixabay)

Another hundred points for anyone who noticed I've managed to work a whole post about crafts into what was supposed to be a Poetry Monday post.

Thank you for your patience. To help make up for it, today's poem is another short one!


Can I Interest You In Yet Another Glittery Gizmo??

Some folks would be on cloud nine if they could be on a beach with their feet in the sand
But I could die happy if I had buttons/ribbons/fabric/felt/beads and a glue gun in my hand


Wishing you a week of romance or creativity -- or both!

Update:  As next Poetry Monday is Christmas Eve, the topic will be "that time of year" . . .


Elephant's Child said...

Goodness you are talented. And the persons at the craft sale were either totally poverty stricken or sadly lacking in taste.

River said...

100 points for me then :)
Those ornaments are gorgeous!
I admire people who can do these things, even more if they enjoy doing them. I'm less than useless when it comes to crafty little bits and pieces. and that was before I got the arthritis in thumbs and several fingers.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is not the money you make but the joy you have in making those very nice ornaments. Crafting is so much fun and creating something is so good for the mind and soul.

Have a very merry Christmas, Jenny.

jenny_o said...

We are not a rich region, so it might be the first. Thank you for those kind words, EC.

jenny_o said...

Hah! But which 100 points did you get? :)

Thank you for the nice compliment, River. I so enjoy the process.

Marie Smith said...

I love your crafty creations, Jenny. Great work!

Red said...

Well, this is an eye opener for me to see the different crafts. Somehow the buttons are catchy.

jenny_o said...

You're right, Arleen; the joy is priceless and I feel more alive when I'm producing something I like.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

jenny_o said...

Thanks, Marie - I have so much fun doing it.

jenny_o said...

Doesn't the Micromanager drag you around to all the craft sales, Red?!

Diane Henders said...

What fun! I haven't had time for any 'crafty' endeavors lately, but it's nice to see yours. I can almost smell the cinnamon (almost...), and the gnome is SO CUTE!

jenny_o said...

Try scratching the photo of the cinnamon sticks, Diane! lol

Your comment made me realize I didn't make it clear that the gnome was an aspirational photo, not my work. I have gone back and added that info. Thank you for (inadvertently) catching that! I love that little critter. And there are so many around in different colours and fabrics. It's going to be fun.

LL Cool Joe said...

You are very clever. I love all the crafty things you've done. I think people are really hard up at the moment. Normally I sell loads of things on ebay before Christmas but this year it's been dead. People are saving their pennies, or dimes at the moment.

Diane Henders said...

*scratch, scratch* ... *sniff* ... Nope, still not working... ;-)

dinthebeast said...

I had a holiday romance once, when I was twenty. The girl (hi Pam!) became my girlfriend for most of a year.
I like your creations. Although I once made jewelry for a living, I have never been any good at making decorations. You seem to have a flair for it.

-Doug in Oakland

e said...

Those ornaments were sweet. I hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Year, Jenny.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I didn't know you were so talented Jenny! Excellent crafting! Now to the poem... I notice that one of the definitions of "romance" is "a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life"


On my island I watched the sun
Rising then sinking
Day after day
I heard palm fronds
Brushed by breezes
And smelled red hibiscus
By forest paths
And felt pure white sand
Between my toes
And tasted sea salt on my face
Briefly forgetting the human race
On my island of dreams
Far far away
Maybe I'll get back there
One fine day.

Joanne Noragon said...

One of my favorite ornaments is a darling button santa. One of my favorite past time is browsing Christmas bazaars.

Martha said...

Wow, these are adorable! What lovely and original ornaments. That angel with the book!!! So cute! That has to be my favourite.

John M said...

You make some very cute ornaments. I can imagine how the orange and cinnamon wraps smell.

jenny_o said...

Clearly your monitor is defective!! ha ha

jenny_o said...

That's interesting about the ebay sales being slow, too. I had wondered if my low sales might be a sign of older people already having all their whatsits and younger people not wanting any. But maybe times are hard everywhere.

jenny_o said...

I think I had a narrow definition of holiday romance; I thought of it as ONLY lasting for the holiday season. But you're right, it could be what STARTS in the holiday season.

Dagnabit, Doug, when are you going to start blogging? I want to know more about your jewelry! (or anything you want to write about :))

jenny_o said...

Thanks, e - the very same to you.

jenny_o said...

I probably should have checked the definition of romance. It might have helped!

Thanks for another poem that appeals to all the senses, YP.

jenny_o said...

Kindred spirits, Joanne!

jenny_o said...

Thank you! It's the kind of detailed thing that I love to make. Despite the resulting glue gun burns. lol

jenny_o said...

Thank you, John. Yes, they smell just the way you're imagining, too :)

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Those are absolutely adorable! I have a five-gallon pail of buttons. I've just realized what I'm going to do with them. And the grandkids. Over Christmas! :)

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

And your poem is perfect!

jenny_o said...

Oh, yes! What fun!!

jenny_o said...

Short and to the point! Thanks, Diane :)

only slightly confused said...

I especially like the spool ornaments. Takes me back to making little Christmas doodads with my daughter for the school craft sales.

jenny_o said...

Yes, I think I never really grew up, Delores :D

kylie said...

I haven't had a holiday romance, either but there's still time!
I love the little angels and I love the gnome even more. If you ever need a home for the "wonky" first drafts I would gladly take them off your hands because they look straight to me!

Your creativity with these poetry mondays is inspirational. I dare you to take a "flowers" theme and make it a post about giraffes

Cherie said...

Oh Jenny, those little decs are gorgeous. I am catching up on a few blogs before heading out for the train to work... I will be making a few of your little felt people when I come back... They would be lovely filled with dried ground spices wouldn't they. The tree will smell divine if I do manage to make some.. And thanks for the mention . xxx

jenny_o said...

Thank you, kylie :) I don't like to burden people with my stuff, but if anyone actually wants some I'm delighted to share. Can you email me at newjennyo at gmail dot com (using the symbols for at and dot) with your address if you really truly want more clutter - ha ha

A challenge, eh . . . I'll have to put my thinking cap on :)

jenny_o said...

What a great idea, Cherie -- I can't wait to see them once they're done!

Susan said...

Thanks for sneaking in all the lovely ornaments. I am soo not a crafty person and marvel at the beautiful things people create. Holiday romances sound fun but in reality maybe not so much.

jenny_o said...

I think you're right about the holiday romances. And I'm glad you didn't mind all the crafts in this post. I love looking at what other people do in this line. When I'm bored, that's usually what I look for on the internet!

Mr. Shife said...

Love the ornaments. The gnome ones have been pretty popular around these parts so I think you will do well with yours. Take care, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

jenny_o said...

I hope the gnomes do well here, too! All the best of the season to you and your family, Mr. S.

Dee said...

Dear jenny_o, your decorations are creative and lovely! I'm surprised they didn't truly sell big at the craft shows. The thing is that there are so many booths at a craft show, that I get overwhelmed by the stimuli and begin seeing just color instead of individual items.

My falling in love story is like yours--not a who, but a what! I love to bake and I'm learning to make good biscotti, which several younger friends of mine seem to like as Christmas gifts. Peace.

jenny_o said...

Thank you Dee - and you're right, there's so much to see at a craft show, it's hard to take everything in.

Baking is a very useful skill/love! Have fun :)

baili said...

Incredible post dear Jenny!!!

We all have different concepts for romantic holiday and our choice most probably give us mental and spiritual relief!

Your beautiful creative soul find peace in such cute designing :)which is so awesome and cherish hobby !

I do loved these tiny pretty objects specially charming adorable angles!!!

Keep enjoying your positive energy,s investment sublimely my friend!

jenny_o said...

Thank you for those kind thoughts, baili! I so enjoy making these. It doesn't matter if I sell any, I just like the process :)