Monday 8 October 2018

Poetry Monday: Giving Thanks

It's Poetry Monday, and this week's topic is "giving thanks" -- which is no accident, really, because today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and all three of our hosting bloggers are Canadians. That would be Diane, Delores, and me!

You can join us: use the topic or write on anything else you like. You can post in the comments on any of our blogs, or if you'd prefer to post on your own blog, leave a comment to let us know where to find you. It's easy, it's fun, it's calorie-free, it's good for your brain. How many things can do all that?


While it's entirely appropriate that we should be writing about giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day, it is also true that I had an unusually busy week and then we had company on Sunday and then it was sometime late Sunday evening when it occurred to me that I hadn't yet written my poem. Eeeek!

This will be one of the shortest poems ever to come from long-winded me: three lines of fifteen syllables each.


I Give Thanks

Of all the things in the world for which thanks I could be giving
Simply I am grateful to be in the land of the living
Because relentlessly the march of time is unforgiving

The river doubles the Autumn colours as time marches on.

What is one thing you are thankful for today, my people?

(Please don't say "short poems" ha ha)

Update:  Next week's topic is "doors" . . . interesting! Thank you, Diane, for your bottomless supply of ideas!


kylie said...

What am I most thankful for? My kids are the best thing ever.... After rescue dogs maybe 😉
After years with only a little work I'm very pleased to have a job

Elephant's Child said...

My gratitude is endless. I am grateful for a black sense of humour, that I have found people to love, books to read, nature to marvel at, and for the blogosphere. And this week I am grateful I can still see.

River said...

One thing I'm thankful for today? The cool change that swept in at around 4pm this afternoon after a day of 26C (about 78-79F) which isn't anywhere near as hot as our summer gets, but uncomfortable enough for me.

Marie Smith said...

So thankful for family!

Joan (Devon) said...

Hallo Jenny! Yes, work does get in the way of doing things we prefer to be doing. Unlike you I have all the time in the world to compose a world-shattering poem, lol. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that as I also need the brain power too and that doesn't always want to play ball.

Anyway, this is my contribution this week.

Giving Thanks

Do we thank the rain,
For quenching our raging thirst?
Or do we complain,
When the river banks have burst?

Do we thank the sun,
For warming our aching bones?
Or do we complain,
At the dry and arid zones?

Do we thank the wind,
When our laundry quickly dries?
Or is that quickly forgotten,
When things are blown to the skies?

Do we thank the snow,
When children have such fun?
Or do we complain,
When we end up on our b-m?

There is nothing we can do,
When the elements have their say.
Whispering soft or shouting loud,
Dominating our every day.

So, should we thank them?
Yes, we should,
We have to suffer the bad,
Whilst benefitting from the good

I understand it is Thanksgiving over there, so I wish everyone a happy and joyous time.

See you next week Jenny, have fun and take care.

Red said...

Yes, I like this poem. It's a powerful statement on our fragile hold on life.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I am dizzier that usual today, so I am thankful that I am still vertical.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jenny. Holidays are hard on women, but deep down inside, we love them.

jenny_o said...

Those are three excellent things to be thankful for, kylie.

jenny_o said...

I'm thankful you can still see, too, EC. I know that feeling. And I love the rest of your list.

jenny_o said...

Yes, that is warm enough, isn't it, for those who mind the heat. I'd be thankful for that, too!

jenny_o said...

A major thing to be thankful for!

jenny_o said...

Wonderful poem with a message we all need to heed (me especially). Thank you, Joan!

jenny_o said...

You have a gift for boiling down the essence of a thing into a few words, Red. You are spot on. And thank you.

jenny_o said...

I didn't realize you suffer from dizziness, Arlene. It can be very debilitating; I am glad you are still vertical today.

Holidays are hard, yes, but I wouldn't want to ban them either. You got it right.

only slightly confused said...

Short poems are wonderful if they say something and yours says a mouthful.

jenny_o said...

I consider that high praise - thank you, Delores.

e said...

I like your poem. I am awaiting a hurricane. I hope to be safe and still breathing afterward.

dinthebeast said...

Gratitude itself. A very large, outlaw biker once told me that he could deal with any attitude other than ingratitude (sorry for the accidental rhyme, but I can't remember his exact words.)
Let's see, health, mobility, freedom, the people I care about, the cat, the electric guitar, strawberry soda, and the mail in ballots that come out here today.
I could go on.
I like your poem. It reminded me a little of the lyrics to a Richard Thompson song called Sibella:

"Life is just as deadly as it looks
But fiction is more forgiving"

-Doug in Oakland

Martha said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So many things to be thankful for. My two daughters are always at the top of the list. The most amazing man in the world is there, too. And then there are assorted family members...haha... This year I'm thankful for the end of the heat and humidity that we suffered through for a few months. This cooler weather is superb! Although a little less rain and a little more sun would be nice.

jenny_o said...

I saw the forecast, e - I will be thinking of you. Good luck.

jenny_o said...

I like that quote. You've got a good list there. "Strawberry soda" made me smile, though!

jenny_o said...

Once we start looking, there are so many things to be thankful for. Just so many!

dinthebeast said...

Strawberry soda is the closest thing to a vice I have, since my stroke.

-Doug in Oakland

baili said...

You said all in just three lines dear jenny what you could have said in thirties i believe!

Happy thanksgiving day my friend!

i believe that realization of having blessing is most important blessing in the life!

take care ,don't be much tired and feel better and relaxed to write such more lovely poems :)

baili said...

and yes LOVED this enchanting image ,very poetic!

Chickens Consigliere said...

Strawberry soda made me smile, too. It was one of the soda flavors the sisters (my mother and her sisters) preferred, along with grape, which was my favorite. Or was it orange? Not sure. This morning, I’m thankful for the cheerful jack o’lanterns smiling at me from the neighbor’s windows across the road. Happy Thanksgiving, PD. Hope it was great.

jenny_o said...

Thank you, baili - and I agree, it is so important to realize how lucky we are. Indeed, you are a very good role model for that behavior!

jenny_o said...

That is the river that runs beside the walking trail I use!

jenny_o said...

As vices go, it's not very vice-y, which is good :)

jenny_o said...

I haven't tasted grape soda (or as we call it, "pop") since I was a child. Oh, it was good! I've never had strawberry flavour, but it sounds good, too.

Thanksgiving was quiet but good - a small number of immediate family were here. And my house got cleaned. Ish. :)

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Oh, My word, Joan! This is perfect! Truth in every word! Well done!

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

The true gift is expressing yourself so beautifully in 35 words or less! Well done!

jenny_o said...

Thank you so much, Diane :)

Steve Reed said...

Well, that's for sure. None of us can escape! (Time, I mean, not short poems. :) )

jenny_o said...

Ha ha!

Mr. Shife said...

Nicely said, jenny_o. Thanks for sharing and I shared what I am thankful for on my blog but I will give you a hint: It rhymes with Drizzle. Take care.

jenny_o said...

Ms. Frizzle is definitely someone to be thankful for, Mr. S!

Diane Henders said...

I'm sorry I'm so late to the party - I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-) (I'm thankful that I still haven't lost the hope that someday I might actually catch up...)

jenny_o said...

That IS something to be thankful for - hope is always good! I hope that for you (and me), too :)