Monday 16 April 2018

Poetry Monday: Spring

Are you ready to read and/or write about "spring"? Join Diane, Delores, and me as we watch our little poem seeds grow into big strong poem flowers/bushes/trees! Okay, that was a terrible analogy. Moving on. You are welcome to join us and leave your poem in the comments on any of our blogs. Or post it on your own blog and let us know where to find you.

Spring. It's my favourite time of the year, but it's busy. My work is busy. My husband's work is even busier. The lawn starts growing. So do the weeds. The flower beds need cleaning out. The boots and coats and other winter clothing need to be cleaned and put away, while the sandals and shorts need to be hauled out of storage.

And all the while, the fresh air and sunshine beckon, saying "take a walk . . . just a little walk . . . no one will mind if you don't do that cleaning/gardening/paid job/whatever . . ."

And I pretty much do what the little voices command. All except for the paid job. I try to keep showing up for that one.

But the walks MUST NOT be put off. Soon enough it will be summer, the season from Heck, with its heat and humidity and dry parched grass and air conditioner air, which is not the same as real air. My hair will frizz and my eyes will develop a sun squint and my wrinkles will multiply.

For a few glorious weeks before spring careens off into summer territory, though, the temperature will be perfect, the humidity will be perfect, sleeping will be comfortable without twenty pounds of blankets on the bed, and I will remain happily deluded that last summer's wardrobe still fits me.

Ahhhhhh . . . . . . . spring.


Spring . . . 

It starts with clean breezes
And sometimes with sneezes
And moves right along
With sweet bird song
Brown turns to green
All around can be seen
New leaves unfurling
New buds uncurling
The warmth of the sun
Leads to jackets undone

No frost and no snow
No heat that's extreme
For just a few weeks
We're living the dream

Soon grass will be growing
We'll need to start mowing
And last fall's self-seeding
Will need a good weeding
The leaves from last year
Will need raking, my dear
The birds will awaken
At hours godforsaken
My shorts will not close
And I'll sunburn my nose

But for now life is perfect
Time to stop all this talk
Goodbye from the donkey
I'm off for a walk

Not me in the photo, because I'm not wearing bare legs yet. But the sneakers have been broken out!

Photo credit: Pixabay


What's your favourite spring activity? 


Update:  The topic for next week is Mr. Sun . . .


DB Stewart said...

I love Spring too. My favourite Spring activity is digging trenches for melting snow.

Elephant's Child said...

Spring is indeed an exciting, vibrant, busy time of year. I am so very glad to hear that someone else heeds those little voices.

Elephant's Child said...

And while we waiting (more or less patiently) for Autumn to push the sweaty season aside, I am busy preparing the garden for Spring displays. Blood, sweat and tears are involved.

River said...

And of course last summer's sneakers will still fit, probably your socks too, if you wear socks.

Yorkshire Pudding said...



Bouncing along
Is easier than walking.
And I am over a hedgerow
And I’m over the river.
Everywhere I go
There’s a spring
In my step…


Sunshine warms
Plants and seeds that
Rested obediently
In winter’s iron grip
Nosing now bravely through
Ground that slumbers no more.

baili said...

beautiful post dear Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

found almost everything related to stunning season in this delightful piece of writing :)))

You are so lucky to have walk outside under the blue sky in company of fragrant breeze and splendid blooms!

what an effortless output of beautiful weather in the form of such lovely poem!

you are really COOL!

we are also enjoying the beautiful spring though temps are almost 40 yet when we think of 50 plus dreadful summers we be content and happy with what we have right now

Marie Smith said...

The walking this time of year is a pleasure and a pain. Stretching the old muscles again will take some getting used to.

I enjoyed your poem, Jenny!🙂

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Good poem, Jenny.

Spring is my favorite season and except for a few days here and there, spring has been elusive around these parts. I did get out to do some clean-up and , oh, my aching back. So much to do, so much to do. I have also put on a few lbs during this winter of our discontent and am glad that most of my summer wardrobe contains elastic.

Joanne Noragon said...

That sort of weather is in short supply here. Tornado alerts yesterday!

Red said...

Hilarious poem! Spring will be short this year. by the time our snow melts it will be summer.

only slightly confused said...

If only spring came like that would swear it was mid January here.

37paddington said...

And you are also a spring baby and soon you will have a birthday!

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

Just got back from my walk! Glorious with NO winter boots!!!

The Happy Whisk said...

You're not wearing bare legs yet. Me either. Too cold. Happy walking. Don't give up! Ever.

jenny_o said...

Haha! That sounds like my husband. His other favourite spring activity is shovelling snow from the high spots to low spots so the sun can melt it all evenly :)

jenny_o said...

Those little voices are worth paying attention to :)

jenny_o said...

It doesn't really sound like a fun thing to do, but it will be so worth it, come spring!

jenny_o said...

Why, you are right! I never thought about that . . . Just like earrings :)

jenny_o said...

A twofer! Thanks, YP. Each so different but funny/lovely.

jenny_o said...

I realize what a wimp I am in the heat when I hear of your 50 plus temperatures, baili. You are so right - we should be content with what we have right now even if it's not exactly what we'd want. I don't know how you get through your summers, to be honest. Thank you for your kind words, my friend.

jenny_o said...

Yes, we must take it easy the first week or two - ease in!

jenny_o said...

Whether it's walking or gardening, we have to take it easy when starting, don't we? I try to time myself the first few outings so I don't hurt something and end up unable to do anything!

jenny_o said...

Oh my. I'm glad we don't have those . . . Do you have to stay indoors when there is an alert? I hope your spring pops out soon.

jenny_o said...

I'm glad you found the humour in this one :)

The snow and ice so late in the season does make for a short spring.

jenny_o said...

You folks got hit hard. I hope it melts quickly, Delores.

jenny_o said...

And you also :D

jenny_o said...

The feets are so LIGHT, Diane!

jenny_o said...

Walking is really a big source of enjoyment for me. Thank you for the encouragement, Ivy. You, too!

e said...

Great poem. I adored walking this time of year when I was walking. Now I enjoy the breeze.

dinthebeast said...

We just had a hailstorm this morning, and now the sun is shining. So, yeah, it's springtime in California. Also, they haven't mowed the back yard in a long-ish time, and the clover is up to your knees.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny, I like your description of Spring, that once Spring is here the repetative outside work begins, which is very true. My favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn (fall) because, for me, the weather is just right, not too hot or cold. Perfect!

Anyway, I wanted to get away from the normal expectation of Spring and write about other springs.


'Spring' is such a useful word,
It can take you by surprise,
As something unexpected,
That happens before your eyes.

'Spring'; the season of new life,
New beginnings and fresh hope.
Opening our eyes to a colourful world
And possibilities within our scope.

'Springs', when our views change
From dour to cheer in a trice,
Overcoming all obstacles,
Giving our lives that extra spice.

'Springing' a surprise party,
For someone you hold dear,
Inviting friends and family,
To celebrate their birthday cheer.

'Springs' of trickling water,
From underneath our country feet.
Most welcome by the hiker,
Slaking thirst and being replete.

'Springing' out of our vision,
An animals flea wants to roam.
Causing misery to a beloved pet
And then invading our home.

'Springs' that are to be wound,
For the passing of our time.
Must use every minute up,
Before the final midnight chime.

Hope you have a good week. Take care.

Joan (Devon)

Martha said...

Loved the poem! Spring is also my favourite season. No bare legs here either. Or bare hands or arms or necks...because we're living a second winter and still wearing our winter gear. ACK! But still...spring is my favourite season :)

jenny_o said...

I have to admit, some days the walking is really hard for me. But the fresh air is what gets me out there. A spring breeze is wonderful, isn't it?

jenny_o said...

"the clover is up to your knees" sounds like a line from a poem, too!

jenny_o said...

You've covered all the definitions I knew and a couple more I didn't! Wonderfully encompassing poem - well done.

jenny_o said...

You folks had a no good, very bad, horrible, awful weekend . . . (apologies to Grover!) and I hope it all melts SOON. We haven't really hit the best weather here, either (only a few days have been spring-like) so we're still wearing winter coats and scarves and gloves too. Only my feet have been released from boots, and only a couple of times :) (I've taken some liberties for my poem)

Diane Henders said...

Hooray for walks... especially walks in the spring! You're very wise to listen to the voices that tell you to make time for the important stuff. :-)

Jono said...

Here it gets really wonderful as things warm up, the days lengthen even more, and after a week or two the bugs come out and ruin everything. Late summer starts to get nice again, though. I do enjoy watching the snow melt.

jenny_o said...

Voices in the head can be a good thing! lol

jenny_o said...

The bugs! yes! Fortunately we don't get too many in town but when we used to spend our summers at a cottage the mosquitoes were a never ending source of misery.

Terry said...

I look like upon Spring as the season before Summer. It’s the last season when we’re really meant to enjoy life because summer can be too hot. Summer is a season to be endured. Spring is a season to be enjoyed.

Lovenicky said...

You are so lucky to have clear streets! The streets in our neighbourhood after the snow storm is still lumpy ice! I feel bad for the children and the older folks who have to walk on the lumpy ice to go to school and work/shop. I hope it will all melt tomorrow.

jenny_o said...

That's pretty much exactly how I feel, Terry!

jenny_o said...

I do feel lucky to have such good walking conditions. Often at this time of year we still have snow. And ice is even worse. You folks really got blasted on the weekend. I hope it's your last storm!

John M said...

Going for a walk

jenny_o said...

Yes! My favourite, too :)