Friday 16 March 2018

Friday's Random Thoughts

It's Friday again already?? Crikey. That was fast.

My mom's health problems have eaten up quite a bit of time this week. There was a problem with one of the prescriptions given her by the outpatients doctor, so then she had an appointment with her own doctor. There were many hours spent accompanying her, looking after filling and refilling prescriptions, as well as time spent in person and on the phone with her.

It is frustrating primarily because she has a strong need to understand explanations and instructions, but at the same time she is having real problems understanding them and retaining them, so we spend a lot of time going over and over the same things. It is secondarily frustrating that these conversations are constantly derailed by her wandering train of thought, and I am privy to the same stories I have heard many times many more times.

Occasionally there are new tidbits among the old stories, though, so I try to stay alert for those and am glad when they appear. Unfortunately, my memory isn't what it used to be, either, so now I can't remember the new anecdotes I heard from her this week.

Pot. Kettle. Black. Eeek!

Between my mom's health troubles and the weather, I was unable to go to my monthly craft meeting (which I greatly enjoy) or to visit my daughter and her family (two little grandsons!). Hopefully the visit will happen next week. But I didn't lose any hours at work and we didn't lose power, so those were positive things.


I was looking through old photos and found this item:


When is a potato not a potato? When it's a potato-scrubber. This little brush, which came from the dollar store, delights me far far more than anything work-related should.

Why would I take a picture of my potato brush, you ask? It was back in the fall after I slipped on the stairs and hurt my back. I was wandering about the house with my camera, looking for subject matter that wasn't set against a background that needed tidied or cleaned, as I was unable to do either.

Although I did clean the sink before taking this picture.

Honesty. Some days it's all I got.

Do you have a tool or article of household equipment that makes your life happier?


I have come across the word "juddering" in three different authors' book over the past six months. I never saw the word before that. What the what?? First of all, for some reason, I do not like this word. There are some words I just DO NOT LIKE and this is one of them. It's similar to not liking a flavour or a smell or a texture. I can't explain it, it's just . . . urgh . . . in my head. Second of all, I especially do not like it when it is repeated many times in one book. Mr. Writer Person, please Google "synonym judder" or actually explain it.

(I'm sorry, judder, you little descriptive word that shares a first letter with my internet pseudonym and is a useful way to convey "shake and vibrate rapidly and with force (especially of something mechanical)" . . .  It's not you, it's me. I'm sure there's someone out there who will appreciate you. Goodbye! Good luck!)

And I now notice that it's a British word, although the books I read were both North American. So British readers may wonder what on earth I'm going on about.

Do you have a word you react to for no apparent reason?

(definition of "judder" from Google dictionary)


We need a few funnies to go into the weekend. (Thanks,


Wishing you a happy weekend!

Tune in on Poetry Monday for "a lesson from childhood" . . .



Elephant's Child said...

I remember being stuck in a time warp with my mother's stories. And my heart goes out to you.
Love your potato scrubber, and would have bought it in a heart beat.
Judder is an onomatopeic word. I can remember roads in the country where the car/motorbike juddered. And it made my teeth ache.
Thank you so much for the funnies, and I hope your weekend is full of peace and joy.

River said...

There are several words that cause me to cringe and "not see" them in stories, but off hand I can't think what they are. Love the funnies.

Marie Smith said...

Love the memes. You had a busy week.

My mother died suddenly so I didn’t have the experiences like you have wih your mother. However, I saw what Mom expereinced with her mother who had vascular dementia. The long goodbye indeed. Take care of yourself too, Jenny.

crafty cat corner said...

I wonder why animals turn their heads on to one side. One of our cats does this when we talk to her, its almost as thought she understands what we are talking about. Enjoy your weekend,

Red said...

I had never heard this word before. I agree. I don't like the sound of it. But I do judder a few times a day at this age.

jenny_o said...

You're right, judder IS onomatopeic - I hadn't thought of that. Good wishes back to you and thank you.

jenny_o said...

I'm going to have to brush up on my "not seeing," I guess! Glad it's not just me.

jenny_o said...

Both ways of losing someone are hard, I think. My father was not well for a long time also, so I haven't had the sudden loss to deal with. We deal with whatever we have to, I guess.

jenny_o said...

The head on one side seems to happen, as you said, when we are talking to pets or they are looking at something else puzzling! Have you noticed that people do it too?

jenny_o said...

Hahaha!! You made me laugh, Red :) Maybe I should get on better terms with this word because I'm not getting any younger.

dinthebeast said...

This week did just kind of fly by. I discovered a large bird's nest in the barren tree in the neighbor's yard, that can't be seen when the leaves are there, but not much else really happened.
Good luck with your mom, and I hope you have a good weekend.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have come across judder before and have never thought that it was an odd word. I can't think of any words that I find odd, although there must be some.

My mum died two years ago aged 93 and she had dementia. She lived in Yorkshire and I at the time was living in Wales which is quite a long way away. I would love to have been closer to her to visit more than we did. The few times I did manage to see her when she was in the Care Home my brother and sister-in-law were with us as well as my husband so the conversation was general. I would have liked to have been with her by myself to have had a more personal conversation with her, more like the conversations we used to have on the telephone (as much as she would have been able to manage). That is my one biggest regret.

Joan (Devon)

only slightly confused said...

I'm not holding out much hope for that budgie.

e said...

Love the funnies and your scrubber, and yes, my grabber, a word I dislike, comes in handy.

Joanne Noragon said...

Potato scrubbers are the best! No tater in our house is peeled, ever.

jenny_o said...

Thanks, Doug. And it's cool to find bird nests during fall and winter because you sure can't see 'em when the leaves are out. I wonder if the owners will come back to nest there this year.

jenny_o said...

I can understand that so well. It's really hard to be at a distance in those situations. Visiting time is so limited and no one wants to miss out on any of it. I expect you still miss your mother very much. Two years is not very long for these things.

jenny_o said...

Judging by that smile . . . nope :)

jenny_o said...

When my dad used one of those, they called it a reacher. Maybe you could re-name it :)

jenny_o said...

Well, you'll be getting every bit of nutrient value plus lots of roughage :)

Martha said...

HAHAHA! The way to end the week. Or start the week. Or day. Or month. LOL You can never have to much stuff to laugh at :)

Juddering... I don't like that word either. It's somewhat annoying. Not sure why. Maybe it's because it reminds me of judging and judgement and judgmental...types of behaviour that bother me.

That potato scrubber is really cute. I've never seen something like that. Off the top of my head I can't think of something similar that makes me happy, although I do love my fiber dusters. But I do have bowl that I use only to eat oatmeal out of that makes me ridiculously happy. It's deep and boldly coloured and just plain cute. I use it a couple of times a week and - like I said already - makes me ridiculously happy! It's the simple things :)

It's not easy with aging parents. Not easy at all. I have to take deep breaths and get into a certain frame of mind when I prepare to call my mother. If I don't stay calm and grounded, there's no telling where the conversation will go if she's not at her best.

jenny_o said...

It's a lovely thing to be pleased by simple objects, because we can enjoy them as often as we like! Your bowl is a great example.

Sometimes I can't find the energy to visit or phone my mom because it takes so much out of me. And it's never a short visit or call. But we do the best we can :)

Glad you enjoyed the funnies and that you get what I mean about the j word - lol

Mr. Shife said...

Have a great weekend, jenny_o. Hope you get some time to do some things that you really enjoy. I don't have any simple objects that make me particularly happy but when I hear the words crestfallen or sullied then I get a big grin. I don't know why but I enjoy those words. Take care.

Terry said...

Now that you mention it, my memory isn’t what it used to be either. My mum repeats herself quite a lot. But with me i’m sure it’s the first signs of dementia. Why is it that I can’t remember things I should be able to.?

jenny_o said...

Oh! I'll have to make sure to use those EVERY TIME I comment on your blog!! Just kidding. I love how random these things that make us happy can be.

jenny_o said...

I don't know, Terry, but most people have some changes in memory as they age. Have you aged lately? :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry about your mom, I can see the difficult part in her wanting to understand but not being able to right now.

Tater scrubber is super cute.

jenny_o said...

Exactly - the two things are fully opposed :)

Thanks! I know you have some kitchen things that make you happy, too! (or maybe many?)

Diane Henders said...

It's funny how some words just feel like sand between your teeth. "Judder" doesn't bother me, but you gave me a giggle reading about your aversion!

Wishing you grace and patience with your mom, as well as regular opportunities to let loose and rant into an understanding ear. (Equally important, in my view.)

jenny_o said...

My husband bears the brunt of it with great patience. You're right, it's very important.

And blog readers are exceedingly tolerant! That has been a great help.

Sand between your teeth - a great description!

LL Cool Joe said...

Your mother sounds like my mother was a year ago. I don't mean to sound depressing but it's all downhill from now on. Take as many breaks as you can and look after yourself because you are going to need patience and energy to deal with your mother going forward. Sorry to sound depressing.

I can't think of the last time I've heard or seen the word juddering!

jenny_o said...

Not depressing, well not any MORE depressing than what I already figured :) I've already fallen into a cycle - crisis/hide/crisis/hide - i.e., I keep a low profile between the crises. Blogging and reading blogs is about as social as I want to get.

I hope you are taking your own advice, Joey - you must be exhausted by now.

baili said...

I am sorry dear Jenny that your dear mom is having trouble in understanding the situation she is in right now .

sorry that you could not visit your favorite meeting which you love my friend!

and missed visiting your daughter.
few years back when my mom and father were sick i faced all same problems you mentioned but only one thing helped me to bear all with strength and joy that they made me what i am today and washed me when i was unable to do so .
i knew that phase of time will pass and i will be regretting and it happened when in their final times i was not with them due to my kids were preparing for final papers and some other reasons .

this regret is so painful and sometimes i feel it is eating me from inside .

stay strong and take care of yourself also my friend! so you can look after her more nicely

jenny_o said...

How unhappy for you that your parents passed away when you were not able to be there. I understand the feelings of regret. But you know in your heart (as they also did) that you did everything you could, and that is all anyone can ask for.

Lynn said...

Hi - visiting via Elephant Child's blog. Love your scrubber! I had a deja vu moment reading about your mom - I went through similar things with my late mom. It takes a great deal of patience, I do remember.

jenny_o said...

Welcome, Lynn - thank you for visiting.

Mostly I can find the patience I need, but it takes everything I've got inside. And sometimes, I fail. At those times, I try to remove myself from the situation for awhile!

I've just had a look at your blog, and am glad to have found it - love the cheerful name and your photos are wonderful!