Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Procrastinating Donkey Climbs a Hill

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time to finally, seriously, lose some weight and change my health for the better. So I started to walk each day, outside with Mother Nature, where it's cold and snowy and windy in mid-January, because this is Atlantic Canada, and I don't have a treadmill.

Usually my walk looks like a large rectangle with my home as a dot in the center. But on really cold days I take a shorter route that looks more like a "J", where the bottom of the J is my house and the top of the J is the place where I get to turn around and head home.

Here's what my route J looks like after I get around the curly part of the letter and start up the long bit:

Exactly* like this, but with more snow. A long, hard climb that stretches out forever in front of me.

Now, normally I watch the ground in front of me when I'm walking, especially in the winter, because I'm getting old and I don't want to fall and break a hip and go to the hospital and die. Because that's frequently what happens with old people. It's not clear whether it's the broken hip or the hospital that causes death, but I don't want to test the system to find out. And, really, does it matter? Either way - dead.

So I watch the ground - mostly - but every now and then I like to look up to see how I'm progressing.

So ... trudge, trudge, trudge, look up ......... trudge, trudge, trudge, look up ... etc.

After I trudged for what felt like a long time, and looked up, here's what I saw:

Okay, what I saw is that more trudging is in order. Trudge, trudge, trudge. Look up.
And again:

More trudging. Trudge, trudge, trudge. Look up.
What the heck???

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
That's right - NO PROGRESS.

 But, of course, finally - eventually - after a long time - about 10 minutes - I did reach the top of that J, because I'm determined to get healthy. Stubborn like a donkey, right?

Here is exactly* what it looked like from the top:
And walking home, downhill, was a whole lot easier. It was almost as easy as falling down. I did not fall down, because I was watching the ground, because of the business about getting old and the hips and hospitals and so on. But coming home was pretty easy. Because, number one, it's DOWNHILL, and number two, instead of having snow and cold and wind and a Himalayan mountain to climb, at home I have warmth and a couch and chocolate.

I think I know why the weight loss is not going well, despite my determined walking.

Next time, there will be photos I took myself with an actual camera I own, and there will be more than two pictures in total. It will be a big improvement, maybe.

*And by exactly, I mean not even close.

Any tips for sticking to an exercise program, anyone? Alternatively, any tips for resisting chocolate?



Jocelyn said...

Well, that's it: you live in paradise. This picture of your trudging spot is my idea of heaven. I love few things more than a good hike, especially when I am listening to podcasts at the same time.

jenny_o said...

Er ... was I too subtle? That is a stock photo of the Himalayan mountains and, no, I do not live there! I'm really starting to enjoy my walks, however. Hopefully someday I'll even go for a hike.

Elephant's Child said...

I love it. Here in the sweaty season (still) I would find that view inspirational. And will never see it.
Diet tips? Not from me. My brother (who has lost a LOT of weight swears by the 5/2 diet. For five days a week he eats and drinks whatever he likes. For the other two he limits himself to 500 calories.
I am leaning towards joining him. And this diet gives you chocolate for most days of the week.

37paddington said...

Congrats on the regular walking! I bet you're feeling a whole lot stronger even if the scale hasn't caught up yet. I should join you on that snowy mountain! And as far as sins go, chocolate isn't that bad, except for the fact that it's hard to eat just a bit.

Jono said...

I need to start walking, too. Winter was long and icy and food tasted so good. You are an inspiration.

Diane Stringam Tolley said...

The snow is gone in Edmonton, Alberta. There's no guarantee it won't come back, but for now . . .
I'm so proud of you, getting out and getting fit! I'll be watching you. (In a totally non-creepy way)

jenny_o said...

I will never see the Himalayans either. But the snow? It's a regular visitor.
I have heard of the 5/2 diet and those who can do it seem to have very good results. I could handle the five days of eating whatever I like. Not sure about the other two. If you try it, let me know how you do.

jenny_o said...

You're right - I'm not losing much weight but the walking is so much easier now. My legs and lungs are definitely stronger. I'm kind of amazed by it.

jenny_o said...

Our winter was so much more open this year; otherwise I don't think I could have gotten out so much. It makes a huge difference when you can't get traction or you're walking through snow drifts.

jenny_o said...

Spring is a process, isn't it? We're never sure that snow is a thing of the past until about mid-May! And in the wooded areas it can sit until mid-June - or like last winter, where it compressed into ice under the amount that had fallen, the end of June.

Chicken said...

Hey, I know that Hill! I walk up that hill sometimes! I usually like to say it is the journey and not the destination but let's face it, sometimes it's the destination:-) Particularly when the destination houses chocolate.

jenny_o said...

That hill is getting flatter as the weather gets better, though :) ... The journey, not the destination ...I like it.